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A Startup disrupting traditional legal and CA Services

Legal service on demand

Sunday August 21, 2016,

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1. Tell us about the inception of Enterslice and what was your basic motive behind establishing it ?

Technology in Accounting and taxation consulting can change lives and solve the problems of startup companies. We started Enterslice to bring innovation in traditional Chartered Accountants & Legal profession services, disrupt traditional Chartered Accountants practice mechanism & Lawyers; the way flip kart did and brought transparency in online retail.

2. What were the challenges faced by your clients that you wanted to address with your services?

We are working with most of the startup companies, driving idea stage entrepreneur to growth stage. Converting general enquiry into Startup Company is the key challenge for our business. We help the entrepreneur in managing their finance, legal & Taxation issues via the maximum use of technology.

We are helping startup companies in validating a business idea, help them to raise capital, effective marketing strategy, handling complex Taxation and legal issues, Mentoring entrepreneurs to learn the innovative method to deal with business stress. We firmly believe that business all about finance number. We are simplifying startup

3. Please elaborate the major services offered by Enterslice. What are the various services provided by your company and which sectors and vertices make use of your services?

Our consulting starts from initial company registration, annual compliances services, advising on foreign funding in India, simplifying Taxation and legal services, strategic consulting like go to market strategy, developing Internal controls mechanism, Internal Audit and Taxation services, simplifying business process, assisting startup in fundraising. We are focusing on business segment like Internet of thing, Health & Wellness, eComemrce, Manufacturing & E-learning

4. In this era of competition, how do you differentiate your company from the various competitors in the market? What is Enterslice’s USP?

We use Technology better than others. That saves us time and money; we are 200% more efficient than our traditional competitors, and that helps to pass on the cost advantage to clients and word of mouth create great opportunities for us. We are building a high-level transparency in legal services by optimum use of technology and process automation in consulting. Our top line goal is consultancy for the community growth.

5. Can you describe what new edge does the company offer to its clients in the Accounting & Tax sector?

We are saving Millions of dollar of our client by transforming their business process from startup stage to stability stage. We are developing wastage free business process, Optimizing Accounting process at each stage of the firm and offering companies to opt technology for solving the Accounting, taxation, and legal issues.

6. What are the major factors that have contributed to Enterslice’s successful and long journey in the consulting industry? How is your team supporting this case?

Our winning trait is hustle and harder !!!

The credit of Enterslice success also goes to all team members of Enterslice Group and customers

7. Can you share few of your clients whom you’ve worked with, some of the biggest names in the industry?

We have worked with serval early stage startup companies. However, the big names are Universal music media group & Fashion TV

8. What are the plans for the company’s expansion in the years to come? How is Enterslice working to gain a stronger foothold in the Accounting & Tax Consulting industry?

We will be focusing on one window solution for tech startup companies in India and around the world. We are working with a startup from the initial stage of the business, assisting in strategy planning, providing on-demand technology services, you can say on Cloud Accounting and legal services. Indian Start-up Landscape Displays Promising Future. It is expected that by 2020 the base will increase to 11,500 tech start-ups. Think Flipkart for Accounting, legal services and on demand technology for a startup!


1. Company Name: Enterslice Value Advisors LLP & Enterslice Inc.

2. Founded in: 2012

3. Headquarter: California

4. Key Management: Narendra Kumar, Bittu Kumar, Lodu dime, Mukesh Mishra, Gayatree Kumari, Nikhil Varshney, Ravi Varshney and Megha Goyal

5. Headcount: 110