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Experience - Rafting

(Divine Pleasure)

Experience - Rafting

Wednesday August 30, 2017,

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Adventurous trip-

One of the heart satiating moment in my life was when I went for rafting with my teammates.

Initially, I was a bit nervous about diving in 1700 ft deep water (Lord Ganges) in Rishikesh, that too with the help of a life jacket but I was pumped up by my fellow mates who gave me assurance and confidence to experience the one of its kind adventure. I was surprised by what is coming next.

Amidst rafting, one Epic moment was when we went for bodysurfing. We could feel the chill of the water down our bodies and soaking in water made my mind go numb and it was the Zen moment I must say.

When I was in water, I could shut down all my fearful feelings, and all I could feel was swimming like a baby.

Then tides came and we have to accordingly sail ourselves forward, backward , cross and what not. 

When we halted for hot cup of joe, we instead got a cup of maggi noodles tossed in vegetables which sizzling hot . It was the best maggi we ever tasted since we were shivering once out of water and having something hot was a pure relief. 

Could not have asked for more in that particular moment. 

Next , We had butterflies in our stomach when we saw people jumping off the cliff.

Again, cliff jumping was never on my mind. But fortunately enough I was standing on a cliff and someone pushed me leading to a "freefall event" which felt like everything has come to a standstill but as soon as I hit the bottom of water, it pushed me above and I was back to my senses. 

This was one of its kind experience which I recommend to everyone (except heart patients ) once in their life and once in a while. 


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