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Titanium App Development: Is it a Robust Prospect for Enterprises?

Nowadays there are many global software development company that offers titanium development services with its team of titanium developers, so if it tempts you to turn your business horizon, contact companies like Mobiloitte, it is one of the leading company specialized in Titanium app Development.

Titanium App Development: Is it a Robust Prospect for Enterprises?

Thursday January 05, 2017,

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The soaring trend of the smartphone has generated the need for developing a robust enterprise mobile application across multiple platforms. Although, it’s a daunting task, as it demands highly experienced and professional developer. Therefore, it's important to increase each elemental aspect, to code applications that are very functional, responsive and compatible to run on any device.

To overcome this issue, multi platform development frameworks such as Appcelerator Titanium & Adobe PhoneGap were developed. Among these, Titanium App developers India, provide best development solutions for mobile applications to this changing technology world.


Well, Titanium is an open–source, mobile app development framework for cross-platform. Licensed under Apache, this framework is coded using an interface that offers an integrated environment for developers, hence, extensive range of mobile applications is available for development process. Based on JavaScript, it also entails HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery.

Further, meet great experience, while developing cross-platform mobile apps with Titanium, as the apps are lightweight and of high quality. Moreover, it's also know to deliver a profound experience across all mobile platforms. Titanium, also developed by Appcelerator, makes it inexpensive compared to other platform and on the other hand easy to build native apps for various mobile OS platforms.

Currently Titanium provides support for Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and mobile web applications. The company also plans to extend its support for Windows Phone/RT as well.

Let’s explore the unique features of Titanium:

The cross-platform API for retrieving and using the native UI components such as menus, navigation bars, and dialog boxes, and other native device functionality that includes the file system, network, accelerometer and maps, sum up the core feature of titanium.

It also features towards an easy and transparent access to major native functionality.

Titanium runs on powerful web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.

Advantages of Titanium:

The mobile developers find it easy to understand the important aspects of titanium, as it comprises of HTML5, CSS5, JQuery, JavaScript and Ajax, which are powerful for working.

With Titanium, the platform-independent API have the power to access the updated features of modern devices such as touch screen, camera, GPS navigation, and hence there exists more approach to develop feature rich applications.

Build instant prototypes using the integrated environment and extract user feedback quickly.

Moreover, having 200,000+ developers and 35,000+ apps developed, today, Titanium is one of the largest community that offers access to its Open Mobile Marketplace.

It recently acquired ‘Cocoafish’ for implementing cloud service.

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