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Six sigma - measure your online campaign effectiveness

Six sigma - measure your online campaign effectiveness

Sunday February 04, 2018,

3 min Read

Whenever we are considering about effectiveness of an online campaign, we are going to cross check reach as well as conversion. What is effectiveness in terms of online campaign?


Effectiveness is a process to measure quality as well as acceptability from the customers. Suppose, in a campaign, ads reach is high but acceptability from customers end are very less due to delay in delivery but product quality is too much high. Due to delay in delivery, not a single customer is going to accept the product but product quality is high as well as demand is also high of the same product.

In this case, campaign is running smoothly and online reach is also better and product quality is also high. Due to delay in delivery, not a single customer is happy and acceptability rate is very less and effectiveness of particular campaign is also low.

Due to delay in delivery, number of negative reviews in different portals such as mouthshut, consumer complaints etc. Portal, facing issues related to negative online reputation and due to this sales decreased. The main reason behind this is “Delay in Delivery”.

We can easily calculate the effectiveness of a particular campaign as below

Effectiveness = Quality * Acceptability

Acceptability from customers end would be high means quality is already present in the product.

Case 1: If acceptability from the customer end is high suppose 80%, at particular time quality is only 20%. In this competitive market, due to acceptability from customers end is high as well as better reputation in market, easy to capture niche as well as global market within short span of time.

Case 2: If acceptability from customers end is low due to delay in delivery but on the same time quality is high. Not a single customer is going to buy from due to delay in delivery but quality of the product is 100% i.e. brand in the market.

Six Sigma: CTQ (Critical to Quality) Drilldown Tree for Product Delivery Process

Accuracy : Right product to right customers

Politeness : Delivery executive is polite

Timeliness : Product delivered to Customer within expected time as mentioned

Effectiveness of an online campaign is not only to cross check reach and conversion but also to check whole process i.e. pre-sales to post sales as well as to enhance the process. If in any case, first interaction i.e. online campaign, user A clicked on search ad, and visited to an e-commerce portal, cross-checked the product price, if price is also as per market, ordered the product and delivery within few days. User A is going to give good reviews in the market and WOM would be better in this scenario.

So, effectiveness of online campaign starts from first interaction to last interaction till yet the product delivered. Six Sigma plays a major role to enhance ROI as well as capture the competitive market within short span of time.

Source - Hemant Kumar (Chourasia - Growth Hacker),