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From running an entertainment blog to starting a web hosting company

Story of a 21 year old techie from Hyderabad

From running an entertainment blog to starting a web hosting company

Tuesday November 28, 2017,

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Sohail Ahmed<br>
Sohail Ahmed

I (Sohail Ahmed), a very young entrepreneur from Hyderabad started blogging at the age of 14. Being in 8th grade, I managed to start my own blog named IndiaAtNet. Few months after starting my blog, I received great response from all over the world and the blog turned out to be one of the most famous blog featuring Bollywood news in India.

By 15, I was featured in Times Of India Weekly addition. I was applauded by various other top bloggers throughout India after my interview with famous blogger Kulwant Nagi.

Few even said,

The talent in this kid at this extreme young age is worth appreciation, a very bright future ahead!


Eventually, in 10th grade I started focusing on my studies and was unable to give time to my blog and slowly my blog had started to slow down and after few months I decided to close my blog as I was unable to concentrate on my studies.

1.5 years after closing down my blog, I wanted to start my very own startup. I was extremely interested in starting my own Web Hosting company ever since I started my own blog years back, finally I went ahead and started my very own company "HostBigSpace" in Nov 2014.

Initially, it was hard to pickup and learn a completely new environment and technical stuff but my hard work and keen interest helped me to take my business to a great success.

Currently, I am pursuing my 3rd year in Computer Science engineering. HostBigSpace today has over 800+ clients over the globe and I have a team of 6 members throughout India who manage the operations of HostBigSpace from home.

Finally, I can say that no matter your age or education, a good idea and dedication you can change your life. Age becomes a number when you have got skills and talent.