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Web Design Trends to Watch For In 2017

Here are some of the major trends in web design that you may notice in the coming year.

Tuesday December 06, 2016,

3 min Read

The web world is always in a flux. Since the launch of the Internet, you must have noticed the amount of changes that have taken place over the years. With the turn of the year not far away, here are some of the major trends in web design that you may notice in the coming year.

1. Mobiles to get the priority: It has been found from surveys that people are accessing the Internet more through their smartphones than from the computers. They find it more convenient to use these devices for accessing the web. They can read out the matter from any site even while on the move. These devices are light and easy to carry. Many people find them to be a better option than the traditional computers. They are less expensive than the computers and so are more affordable. More of the site contents will be made compatible with the small screens.

2. Use of responsive design: People prefer the same feel of using sites in the mobiles or the computers. The response time and the speed of loading should not vary. All the businesses are making their sites in the way that it creates a similar experience. It will be irrespective of the devices that are used for the access of the sites. This is useful for targeting more number of customers also. The new web designs will surely incorporate this trend during the times of their design.

3. More use of rapid prototyping: The rapid prototyping tools are being used more nowadays in the web designs. This trend will continue and increase in the coming months. The tools such as Uxpin and Marvel are extremely useful for the web designers. They are effective in creating awesome web designs. All the new designs that are being created are using these tools. The website can be launched from the gadget instantly. It is very helpful as it saves time and resources.

4. UX/UI designs & framework: The users are always trying to get a better feel while accessing the websites. The web designers are now more inclined to incorporate a quality UX/UI design. The user must feel comfortable on the site. This is what will make him stay back on the site. He will feel the urge to delve deeper into the site. Only then, will the chances of business will grow. All the designers are trying to use a framework that supports a user-friendly UX/UI design.

5. Originality of the content: The content matter of the site should be original. People are seeking sites that present unique content. Most of the designers are trying to bring in as much originality as possible. They try to create unique content with both the design and the display images. A good quality picture will not attract the audience unless it is unique. This is one of the trends to watch out for. You will find that sites with unique design content will be more successful commercially.

6. Greater animation effects: Most of the new websites designs are putting animation effects. They are better at capturing effects. They are also useful to portray the message desired. The websites that are likely to be designed in the coming months too should follow the same tradition.

7. Video-based content: The content of the recent websites are having more of videos. Videos have a greater storytelling power than simple text or pictures. It can be anticipated that the web designs in the forthcoming year will have more video files embedded for sharing information.

These factors are poised to be the driving force behind the web designs of the new websites.