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11 useful tools for entrepreneurs starting their own business

11 useful tools for entrepreneurs starting their own business

Tuesday March 13, 2018,

5 min Read


Starting as an entrepreneur is very challenging in this era of neck to neck competition.

But technology seems like an extra help on hand for every new beginner to who desires to start as an entrepreneur.

The most important thing an entrepreneur requires is sources and techniques to survive in the industry.

The technology has got you a solution for every problem.

And, it's again technology that will help you out to begin your journey as an entrepreneur.

Productive applications like MS Office will help you keep yourself organized by providing you with all the tools you require to start your business and also ideas to grow and advertise your business.

Here are some productive Apps that you will need to start your business:

1. Due

Due is a platform where invoicing, online estimates, and payments are made, which will help the user organize their time through a time tracking tool with the addition to automating numerous time-consuming tasks.

This free platform offers its users estimate and invoicing templates, databases, and reports for clients and project information.

In addition to this, it also provides with automated reminders and multiple payment methods.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is a bulk of all productive Apps within.

They are all amazing with a cloud storage where are all kinds of files are compatible.

It provides the features for all your office-oriented work.

You can even get your photos and videos stored virtually.

3. Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 is a bulk of Apps within it. It is a business tool considered as “Find all at one place“ which provides you with a variety of productivity tools in it like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, and others.

The best part about this app is MS Office 2007 is free to download tool which you can give it a try without burning your pocket.

4. Asana

Team works are never easy.

Asana can help you manage your projects more effectively than ever.

The teamwork includes tasks, projects, conversations, and dashboards.

So, this App can ultimately help by turning your conversations into actionable tasks.

This App offers the feature of commenting or complementing on other’s work and can also immediately track the progress your project made.

All this can be done without having an actual scheduled meeting.

5. Hadoop

Hadoop is an open source software framework used for both storing information and running applications related to the commodity with enormous processing power and massive data storage capabilities.

The major advantage of Hadoop is the ability to handle limitless multitasking. This is the essential advantage needed by search engines to process and return results faster.

There are several online big data course available on the internet which helps you to learn Hadoop.

6. Meetup

In case you are looking to drum up your business within your own locality, then you can try meetup to search for various networking groups, industrial meetings, and speakers.

This tool is very helpful to advertise your business.

7. Fiverr

The first thing you do when you think of your business is finding a name and logo for it.

The more interesting your name and logo is, the more people will get attracted towards your business.

Fiverr can help you out in finding the best-suited logo for your business ideas.

Well, the gigs start at $5 but that doesn’t mean they are sub-par.

8. Volia Norbert

Nothing can ever be more frustrating than scrolling the website up and down to find someone’s email.

Well, Volia Norbert will help you out with this massive trouble.

It finds the right email address, even when it is not mentioned on a website.

You will just have to know the domain name of the company and the name of the contact person, and there you go.

9. Dropbox

Running out of space is the most common problem faced by the entrepreneurs because they have the massive tools or Apps installed on their devices, which creates issues while saving a document or file.

Then, you as an entrepreneur need something like Dropbox, which is great for storage and backups.

It offers a great experience with the huge amount of awesome plugin Apps.

In addition to that, it also facilitates the access to your files from anywhere.

10. SideKick

Bothered about whether the person on the other end has opened the email you sent?

Then you must be in dire need of something which tells you about the email status.

Here are an App called SideKick, which is a brilliant add-on that tells you whether the e-mail you sent has been opened or not and along with additional details like when it was opened, how many times and from where the email has been opened.

This proves to be very helpful when you are trying a round of cold emailing, new marketing campaign or a newsletter to observe and learn people’s behavior.

11. Trello

It is a free project management tool that will help you get organized.

It provides a board on which the user can create lists filled with cards.

Once you open a card, you can upload files, add comments and create checklists.

It is a super versatile App, which features organizing a specific project, writing an e-book, composing an email and more.


So, what are you waiting for!!

Get started with the right choice of Apps for your business to fly with high colors.