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“I Want to Do Something ‘Different’ in Life…” – Dealing with this New-Found Trend in Millennials and Working Professionals

“I Want to Do Something ‘Different’ in Life…” – Dealing with this New-Found Trend in Millennials and Working Professionals

Wednesday March 01, 2017,

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Yesterday after a tiring day at work, I was interacting with my staff at Asterizk over a cup of coffee. The talks were reverberating and swinging from extremes about concerns over world politics because of the uncertain Donald Trump Presidency to the changed priorities in peoples’ lives. Social Media has given voice to our concerns, made us more aware of the things around and given us a new mark up and validation standard to measure our social acceptance, beauty and intellectual levels.

‘I want to travel the World’, ‘I want to be a photographer’, ‘I want to follow my passions and dreams’, ‘You get life only once… live it to its fullest’ are the fallout sentences of the buzzing entrepreneurial gung ho taking the millennials by storm. There’s nothing wrong in following your dreams and passions, travelling the world and doing all that your heart desires. But along with that, it is also essential to check as to what has triggered me to take that decision?


Many a times, it’s the frustrating atmosphere at work, boredom reached in working on a work profile or project from a long time, not being appreciated for the work done, unhappy over the pay which lures us to forcefully follow the entrepreneurial bandwagon. I have also come across stories where promising working professionals took on to Entrepreneurship only because they saw handful of new start-ups attract massive investments, flip off the company to a potential buyer and be a millionaire within no time. 

 Are these the reasons we should take on things to follow our dreams? Such short stints don’t last long and get choked in the bargain as they have no purpose of existence and have no vision and roadmap to succeed. It is true that Internet has empowered people today to achieve the impossible and reach the unreached. We are living in a borderless world where anything can be sold anywhere. A couple of months back I got a chance to read a fantastic book by Dan Senor and Saul Singer titled ‘Start-Up Nations’. The book very meticulously covers all those prime reasons why Israel is called the Start-Up Nation. The core purpose of doing something or circumstantial situations molding someone is very powerful in Israel and US, the world’s leading Start-Up Nations.

We all have it in our self to create something and follow it passionately. But it’s essential to dig deep down and understand the purpose of why we are doing something. I personally believe we all are a BRAND by our self. Is it only Celebrities who are a Brand by themselves? They happen to be because they attracted opportunities and showcased and packaged their skills and talents at the right platform and at the right time. What’s needed with us is to realise it and package it appropriately. We need to clearly define what is that 'Different' thing we desire to do and have a clear road map for it.


We too can cross the chasm from one level to the other in our endeavour to follow our dreams provided we do things for the right purpose, define who we are and not just be meek like the herds of sheep. We are all made unique and there is a purpose of existence for each one of us. It just depends on how soon we realise it or we keep getting drowned by adhering to the Social Media validation standards to approve our uniqueness. Let us not just join the race of Entrepreneurship because someone else did it or made money on it. Money is just a 'By-Product' of an excellent Product being developed, a Service being delivered or a Problem being solved. 

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