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7 Amazing tips to ranking YouTube videos in google search

7 Amazing tips to ranking YouTube videos in google search

Wednesday May 08, 2019,

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YouTube is among the most powerful platforms for marketing over the years. The video streaming website by Google has more than 6 billion minutes worth of content being watched each month. Anyone with a Google account is bound to have a YouTube account as well, making the platform seamlessly integrated into the digital ecosystem.

youtube seo tips

youtube seo tips

YouTube today is the world’s second largest search engine and is a crucial platform for brands and influencers to gain visibility. Ranking for a YouTube search and gaining organic views and subscribers needs a comprehensive strategy. Here are our top tips for ranking your videos on YouTube.

#1 Content of the video

This is the most crucial part of creating YouTube videos. Individuals on YouTube are looking for substance to enable them to take care of issues, learn new skills, watch video recordings of dogs while browsing through the internet. So while creating content for YouTube, make sure to focus and create original content. According to Google’s algorithm, the easiest way to answer queries like How to or tutorials on is with the help of a video.

#2 Video Description

It is always important to write a short description about the video, what it contains etc. If you have a website, then make sure you add a link to your website as well because that will draw traffic to your website and also help in backlinking. If there isn’t a website then ensure that you link your social media accounts to the description. This helps with being in touch with your audience. A few things to keep in mind while writing video descriptions:

  • Use keyword synonyms
  • Minimum of 250 words
  • Do not duplicate descriptions

#3 Length of the video & engagement

Initially on YouTube, the aggregate number of views for a video played a huge role in the ranking of videos. YouTube reworked their algorithm which later started to include the engagement factor as well. These factors included comments,shares and engagement on other sites as well. The algorithm factors in the time spent by the user watching the video, therefore if a user spends more time watching the video it gets a better ranking. A few things to keep in mind while deciding the video length:

  • Videos must be at least 2 minutes
  • Quality over watch time
  • Engaging content
  • Number of Likes and Comments

#4 Naming the file and video

Just like Google, even the YouTube search engine looks for a file. Keywords must be found in a manner that are less competitive which makes YouTube rank the video for free. The video file must include the following before being uploaded:

  • Same name as the video title
  • Add tags related to the content in the details box
  • Name the file as either the video title or name and extension
  • Write a description in the comments

#5 Create playlists

By creating a playlist on YouTube the ranking does increase to a certain extent. Use synonyms for the keywords to better the ranking. Organise the videos in a meaningful and chronological manner to make it easier for the viewers.

#6 Link Sharing

Sharing Link to a video is one of the easiest and most basic ways of gaining more views. Share links of the YouTube video on the websites like: social media websites, social media bookmarks, comment with links on other posts.

#7 A well designed page

There are bots all across the internet which is why it is very important and necessary to make sure Google is aware that you are not a bot but a human. Without the help of a profile picture, header and a description google can link your account as spam. To avoid this spammer tag try out these easy tricks.

  • Link all social media accounts
  • Add a channel image or banner
  • Write a description about the channel and what kind of videos are posted.
  • Subscribe and follow similar channels.

With the help of these 7 YouTube SEO Tips you will be able to rank your YouTube channel’s videos better and also get a better search result on google.