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7 Best and Effective by which you can Rank your Blog

Today we are going to tell you best and effective 7 SEO techniques that you can rank your blog/website on the search engine's results page.

7 Best and Effective by which you can Rank your Blog

Tuesday May 07, 2019,

4 min Read

If you are a blogger and want to make a career in blogging, then today we will give you 7 SEO techniques, after which your blog will also rank on the search engine

Build strong / quality content

To rank your blog on the search engine, the first SEO technique we are going to tell you is the first thing to write unique content. This is your first and most important step to writing content which is interesting so readers can read your articles. Enjoy and spend more time on your website or blog. If you do not write good content, readers will not be on your blog for a long time and will leave your blog soon, and if this happens then the bounce rate of your website or blog will increase and it will be good for your website. . It will not be proven. Winning a bounce rate of any website / blog will be as good for your blog as long as your blog ranks on the search engine results page and if you do not write good content, your blog / website will never be able to search engines Does not rank on Will do Because Google does not rank low-quality content, it's very important that you write good content.

How to improve seo

Customize your meta title

The title of your page is one of the most important SEO Techniques of your blog / website. Your every page and post should have its own separate title, which includes the main keywords of that page.

(1) the length of your title is 60 to 70 characters, neither more nor less

(2) use as many keywords as your title

(3) create unique/ different title

Optimize your website's URL structure

To get organic traffic on your website, it is very important to optimize your website's URL structure. To do this, you should keep the URL short because the fewer the words that your website's URL will have, Google will rank your website as soon as you try it, give different URLs for each post.

Body tags ( H1, H2, H3, H4 ) 'ka use kare'

Whenever you write a detailed or list post, you have to use a lot of headings and subheadings in it, then you can promote your website rank on search engine by giving them a title or subtitle tag.

Optimize images

If you make a big size image of your website, then it slows down the loading speed of your website, which can make it difficult for your website to rank in search engines. To customize the image, it is very necessary to compress the size of your image, for this, you will find many tools to help you compress the image. 

The proper density of the keyword

It is very important to include relevant keywords in your content, as this helps search engines to find out what your content is. You try to keep your keyword density at 2-5%. If you find it difficult, then remove a thesaurus to broaden your writing vocabulary. In this way, you will still be able to write about the risk of non-restriction about the same thing. The most important thing in this SEO technique is

Add internal links to your website

People often think that only the links that are counted should be from other websites. While the internal links are also very important, the internal link is a great way to keep links for your website pages, improve your site and use it correctly, internal links can prove to be a useful tool in your SEO. This not only makes it easy for your users to navigate around your site and find all your stuff, but it also ensures that your site crawls properly, so that the search engines can access all your pages easy to find.