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7 Reasons Why Video Content Help In Better Learning For Students!

7 Reasons Why Video Content Help In Better Learning For Students!

Friday July 05, 2019,

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According to one of the research, when 94% of the teachers used video content in delivering their lectures to students, they found it extremely effective and successful in terms of students involvement. There is no doubt about the fact that the more visual aspect added to students learning will make it more attractive and effective for students.

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With the advent of digital screens and video cameras, students can avail extensive knowledge and acquire skills in more constructive manner which also help them retain the information for long. Students can learn from interactive and attention-grabbing content that will even attract those who are slow learners or those who need some creative platforms for learning.

Here are 7 reasons why video content is an excellent way to help learn students and absorb information in a more effective way.

1.    Engaging & Attention-Seeking Way

There are number of students who find visuals and video more attention-grabbing that the lengthy  text books and time-taking lectures. When a student is taught by extremely engaging video lessons and instructional content, students are more likely to get involved and attracted in the course. They would even take more interest in what they are being taught.

In order to help slow paced students learn efficiently and streamline with the rest of the students, the teachers often adopt the strategy to deliver their knowledge and trainings through videos so that every students comes on the same level.

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2.    Help Retain Information

As stated in one of the research, 90% of the information transmitted to a student’s brain is through visual and it is also believed that visual can be processed 60k times quicker in the brain than the text, students can grow their information and knowledge through the visual content. If a student acquire the information through videos and animations, they are more likely to retain that information for a longer period of time.

No doubt that information conveyed through videos is more engaging, students mostly prefer a couple of minutes video over a lengthy textual content. They are not only able to remember the information absorbed by the video for long, they can also better illustrate the concept to other students if they have visualized it.

3.    Better Simulation of Hi-Tech Learning Programs

When a hi-tech or complex methodology is being delivered, teachers prefer using practical examples or diagrammatic view to make students understand more precisely. With the help of displaying instructional videos that clearly and in-depth focus on the training program or complex lectures through simulations, teachers can conveniently deliver their desired objective.

Even students find it easy and less-complicated as they get to see the simplistic video og the functionality, processes and operations of any particular system. There are number of courses that can be conveyed through engaging video content and even teacher’s work is cut to half as they do not have to spend huge amount of time on filling up chalk-boards.

4.    On-Job Learning & Training

There are number of students who do their studies in continuation with their job. Such students and learners often look for successful and time-efficient ways to grasp as many information not sacrificing their work schedule. Video content or online visual instructional programs and courses not only help them get their desired training courses efficiently, they can manage those e-learning sessions in between their work breaks so that no part is being compromised.

They would not feel bored nor their work schedule will be disturbed if they spend their time on couple of minutes video rather than reading lengthy manuals for their skill development. Hence, not only limited to college regular students, video content is also beneficial for working students or people who do their on-job trainings.

5.    Better Illustration

An idea, concept or mechanism conveyed through text or verbally might not leave the required impact on leaner’s mind than a visual content would. With the help of better illustrations through video learning, students experience of the fell of presence and involved throughout the video and if that video is extremely engaging, there is no way that the viewer will abandon it in between.

6.    Remote Learning Through Video Conferencing

There are many students who don’t want to compromise their education and trainings even if they are on the go or is in a remote location. They can connect to their rest of their class through video-conferencing which will help them learn and study just like any other student in class. This type of video learning has been promoted and encouraged by multiple organizations who wants their employees to avail the training programs anywhere anytime.

7.    Time-Saving

Viewing a couple of minutes video is far better than going through lengthy textual manuals or handbooks. Students can cave a lot of time by learning the same concept through an instructional video. With the help of an engaging video, students can get involved and learn even the most dry topics of their coursework which will otherwise consume lot of time if done through manuals or textbooks.

Hence, video learning is something that every organization or educational institution is promoting. Because of its successful results in the form of better information retention and efficient message delivery, it has been considered as the most effective and worth-investing technique of learning.