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Life Lessons: MBA from an Indian B- School

12 Lessons that I learnt during my MBA 

Friday January 27, 2017,

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I completed my MBA (Marketing) in the year 2015. Overall it was an enriching experience and one of the best 2 years of my life. However, it was not a carefree and reckless ride like grad school. When I look back, there is quite a lot that I learnt – Here are the 12 life lessons I learnt while doing my MBA.

1. Missing the carefree life -  B-school is probably your last chance to live a slightly carefree college life. It will start and end before you might even realise. Whatever the stress or any number of assignments you have, enjoy this phase. It’s not gonna come back. Life is going to get a way lot tougher post MBA.

2. Be Humble - You might be a big shot before joining B-school, but it might not sustain you when you land there. You will meet a lot of people who are smarter and more talented than you. 

3. Plan & Execute - You might become a big shot in your B-School, but it might not sustain once you get back out to the big bad corporate world. Competition out there is way more cut throat. People who might have been nobodies in B-school might get phenomenal success. It depends upon which path you choose. Plan carefully when you are in college. That’s probably the rare time you will get to contemplate and create a tentative career plan.

4. Placements are not the end of life - You might not get your dream job or dream company. Don’t loose hope. A lot of your friends will probably end up leaving their dream job/company within a year.

5. Making Friends - B-school is not like grad school when it comes to making friends. In the load of classes, presentations, companies and assignments – there is less time to form a bond between people. But, if you are really lucky you might get a gang of mature friends who will last a lifetime.

6. Networking is not what they say it is  - People interaction is supposed to be natural. Ultimately it is about human relationship. Don’t be pushy, desperate or fake!!

7. Be Strong - No matter what is happening in your life : Family issues, a breakup or even financial troubles. When you are in a B-school you have to keep yourself going, be calm & composed and always have a smile on your face. Don’t let anything affect your work. Believe me, this is just training you for the corporate world.

8. Pick & Choose your battles - Don’t over burden yourself with a tonne of academic and extra-curricular activities. You might come across some of your friends becoming multi-tasking experts – try and avoid going that path. Choose what you want to do and do it well. Don’t try to do everything or else you will burnout

9. Don't Judge - People judge you by your summer internship company & your final placement company. Don’t let it get over your head. As I mentioned before – Be humble!!

10. Try not to be arrogant with your juniors – in B-school and when you go out. Earn their respect.

11. Try to keep in touch -  (And not just WhatsApp) with atleast some of your batchmates and seniors. They are your actual network.

12. Priorities - Finally, at the end of the day managing your work life balance should take priority. Remember, the objective is not just to earn a fat paycheque. Your health, Family & friends matter – A lot more that you think and you will realise eventually.

The article was originally written for the website The Thinking Mind