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The journey of BootCamp Learning

How the duo of a training professional and a marketer redefined a lot of conventions of an industry where legacy mattered, with their innovative human learning solutions and won “Training Company of the Year Award” at the World HRD Congress.

The journey of BootCamp Learning

Saturday July 16, 2016,

5 min Read

TRAINING! What comes to your mind when you come across this word? Probably the boring lectures or classroom sessions! Well these are the traditional training methods which makes the training sessions altogether boring and don’t help the audience in gaining much from them.

Looking at this problem, Marita Koolipurackal and Ravi Verma realised the need of training solutions that can provide effective experiential learning rather than mere conceptual classroom training sessions.

This duo co-founded BootCamp Learning, striving relentlessly to bring innovative learning solutions that can help audience experience concepts and learn in a convivial manner. Taking their offbeat learning experiments forward, they redefined the conventional norms of training effectiveness with their impactful experiential learning tools, outbound team activities, creative use of digital technology such as augmented reality and virtual reality.


BootCamp Learning team today comprises of more than 150 trainers and in-house content experts to deliver training assignments of any scale. BootCamp Learning has bought on board talent based trainers and artists such as musicians, drummers, magicians, yoga experts, spiritual gurus to ensure the learning outcomes are delivered in the most effective manner.

To provide 360 degree solutions to their clients, BootCamp Learning team created alliances with major hotels & resorts, outbound venues, talent based trainers, e-learning platform and so on.

Processes robustness and standardization is at the heart of business for BootCamp Learning and they achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification in their very first year of operations.

The major focus of BootCamp Learning is on skill development and not just delivering the training sessions.

“Traditional class room training has serious limitations, especially when it comes to developing life skills such as personal effectiveness, goal setting, motivation, team building and leadership. Outbound Learning, by its inherent approach of ‘Learning While Living’, transcends these limitations. Adventure based experiential learning provides scope for self – development that prepares us for the present day challenges” says Marita Koolipurackal.

BootCamp Learning creates programs tailored to the needs of our clients whether it’s sales effectiveness, negotiation skills, effective customer service, soft skills training, induction program, campus to corporate or any other concern area, we create programs to help attain the company’s objectives in most innovative and hi-Impact formats.

We bring in the concept of experiential learning as we believe that people will understand better about organization skills (such as leadership, communication, team building, etc) if they are taught in action oriented way rather than theoretical way of teaching. Our Outbound training gives employees a chance to learn outside the four walls of the office, in an environment where they can freely participate in team activities in the most natural way. We help our training participants in accelerating their thought process in understanding the concept of organizational skills by providing them with our experiential training methods.

“In my corporate journey I worked some of the largest consumer brands, executing consumer experience models encompassing the five senses of human body to deliver the desired brand experience and consumer loyalty. I always felt these concepts can travel beyond defined norms of brand marketing and have great application in learning and development of organizations. We tried to relook at training industry conventions with the lenses of human behaviour and bought newer training tools which can help learn more effectively. For us at BOOTCAMP LEARNING it is every day’s stride to find the unconventional in learning & development. Today we proudly stand as the “Best Training Company of the Year” says Ravi Verma.

Inbound learning through Augmented Reality tools:

Not all training can be conducted in the form of outbound training. Some do require theoretical understanding of concepts as well. Educators know that learning does not deepen only through reading and listening, but also through creating and interacting. For better learning of the theoretical concepts, we have utilized a highly effective and impactful tool that is “Augmented Reality” which enables the learners to access content anywhere. Learners can use this open source tool to essentially bring their learning to life.


A step towards Social Welfare and Development:

In their skill development mission, this start-up goes beyond business interests to contribute for community development and give back to the society. BootCamp Learning regularly conducts skill development workshops for NGOs like Aasara Foundation and many other organizations that work for the underprivileged.

Future Plans:

As stated by Ravi Verma, the Co-founder & Business Head of BootCamp Learning, the company is going to focus on innovations and expansions. Innovations which will make learning more experiential. The team is working on bringing some exciting learning solutions by integrating digital tools like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), real life simulations on digital platforms etc.

BootCamp Learning is aiming to expand its business operations beyond Indian sub-continent to leverage overseas opportunities. In the next couple of years we are going to setup our operations and teams in the Middle East, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, China, and Kenya.

About the company:

BootCamp Learning is a corporate training company in India. Awarded as the Best Training Company of the Year- 2016 by World HRD Congress, we offer various skill development solutions to the companies, institutions and individuals. Some of our key services include customised training programs, sales & service training workshops, induction & team building workshops, Soft skills training programs.

BootCamp Learning offers end to end solutions for the training programs be it program delivery, venue arrangements, hospitality, travel, merchandise & mementos.

BootCamp Learning has developed it’s strong forte in experiential learning solutions through it's innovative & differentiated approach. We at BootCamp Learning believe in delivering quality Learning & Skill Development solutions that have a direct & measurable impact on client’s key performance indicators. We provide all areas of training solutions with the right balance of learning and fun.