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These 4 Companies Know How to Use Live Website Chat Creatively

Not long ago live chat has made its way in the customer support industry

These 4 Companies Know How to Use Live Website Chat Creatively

Wednesday February 22, 2017,

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Our customer is not going to wait ages for you to respond, business are quite slow in embracing this live chat strategy. As, they deem live chat more like a tool for customer support rather than something that can get them sales and increase the conversion rate.

Customers Are Getting Demanding

People want attention, even from the seller. According to a report conducted by Forrester data, 55% of US consumers won’t buy from a vendor if they don’t get a quick response to their queries. While 77 percent buyers believe that companies should value their time when it comes to providing a good online support. 

Agree, your customers can call on the support number or type you an email while deciding whether they should buy something from you or not, but the thing is every second you will take to respond, the less interested will be your customer to make a purchase. With live chat support, you can reach your customers at the right time and respond to their queries in a jiffy, decreasing the chances for them to leave your website and skip to your competitors.

Creative Ways to Use A Live Chat App For Your Business 

Before anything else, you should make sure that live chat software suits your business needs and can drive sales for you. You should also make sure you are making the most of it! Shortlisted below are some of the inspiring examples for business to get the best out of your live chat software. You can check them to take your customer experience to the next level.

1) SnapEngage: Personalized Chat support on 404 Page

Nothing can be more frustrating than having a 404 page. Businesses provide a handful of suggested web page links on these pages that can or not be useful for the website visitor. Bringing innovation to the table, SnapEngage offers an automated personalized chat invitation to the people landing on the site’s 404 page in order to steer them to what they are actually looking for.  


2) Betterment: Personalized help to new clients 

Betterment is a renowned online investment consultant, the company is using targeted hands-on chat invitations in order to attract and engage their big clients soon after they have registered a new account. Industries depending on monetary involvement and investments demand an utmost level of credibility. 

Despite using a standard UX flow to capture customer attention, personalized chat support can make customers invest in your business without being skeptical.


3) Cugic: Multilingual Chat Support

Cugic itself is a Live Chat Software that offers an impressive number of chat features to different businesses. Since they have a client-base that spans across the globe, the company support a wide set of clients speaking different languages. They are using multi-language chat support to immediately connect customers as per their preferred language.


4) Petplan: Chat Page For Facebook Followers

People like using Facebook including our customers. Besides the social media giant owns 77% of all the social media logins. Petplan, a Pet Insurance company is cleverly using live chat support, as they have added a ‘Chat with us’ tab for the followers of their company page, which allows the fans to reach them in real-time without having to escape from Facebook.

 So these were some of the best ways to use live chat software. You can also share the companies that are using live chat in a creative way.

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