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Top 10 e-commerce design trends to rule in 2018

Top 10 e-commerce design trends to rule in 2018

Friday July 27, 2018,

5 min Read

This is the era of online shopping. People don't have time to go out shopping and this leads to the rise of online shopping. So e-commerce is growing rapidly today. But not all the e-commerce stores are leading in this race. This is because of website designing - yes it plays a major role to hold customer for a long time on your website. So here we discuss the top 10 e-commerce design trends to rule in 2018 that might help you to make your online shopping site updated with the current trends.


Responsive or mobile-friendly site

Nowadays most users accessing the internet on mobile as it becomes more convenient to use anywhere anytime. This means that mobile-friendly sites are ruling the e-commerce world. As compare to computers or laptops, mobile shopping has broken all the records. According to research, usually, the first-time customer interact with your brand through mobile only so it is very important to build a mobile-friendly or responsive site which looks good on mobile as it does on the system. User love to shop online through mobile. This will lead to the new design trend for all the web developers and they need to adopt this trend to stay in this race of e-commerce website development.

Efficient loading and layout

Mobile commerce is rapidly growing but still, mobile data becomes the major problem for the users. Many cost-saving data plans have been launched by the service providers but still, customer needs a site which won't waste their time in loading the page. The e-commerce sites which loaded immediately after clicking, lead much more traffic as compared to other sites that take the most time in loading. So this design trend must be adopted by e-commerce website development company such that user need not spend their mobile data to load the website only.

Use of bright colors

Choosing the correct color combination is the most important factor in the e-commerce website development. This trend is used to attract the customer on the website. Bright colors will make the look and feel of website amazing as it grabs the customer attention. So this e-commerce design trend helps you to attract visitors and lead more traffic to your online shopping store.

Easy payment through mobile

Building mobile-friendly e-commerce website is not enough to grab customers attention, it is very important to give a smooth payment gateway to the mobile users. As online shopping through mobile is increasing rapidly thus customer needs better payment options for their shopping. Therefore e-commerce website developers need to know about this design trend. They make sure the smooth payment gateways to make their customer visit again and again on the website for the shopping.

Free delivery and fast shipping

People are moving towards online shopping to save their time and money. Offering flexible payment options is not enough despite this, a customer wants the product delivery on time. Online shopping stores should give better shipping policies like free delivery in just 48 hours at your doorstep. This makes the customers shop at their store again and again.

Hamburger menu

Hamburger menu is the convenient and efficient way to save a lot of space as compared to other types of menu. It allows you to hide and show the menu when required. This feature makes the site seem more intuitive, especially on small screens, without using more space. To add this feature to an e-commerce website, a designer has to use the bootstrap framework. This design trend will definitely be going to rule in 2018.

Voice search

Voice Search is the new way to increase your sales as it makes easy for the user to search for the desired product instead of typing long queries. Voice search feature will grab more user attention and increase the traffic on the online shopping site. This allows the user to search the required item in a unique and efficient way. So if you want to increase your e-commerce sales then follow this design trend to attract the customers.

Creative layouts

Layouts play a major role in creating a good user interface as compared to other methods. This feature gives the benefit of utilizing the space efficiently. This is a useful method to optimize and manage the elements on your website more efficiently for different devices. So this e-commerce design trend will be going strong in 2018.

Guided selling

To better understand the customer needs guided selling feature has been introduced. As there are many options available when it comes to buying online so it will become difficult for the customer to choose the product. Then an interactive guide is here that helps the customer to make their buying decision.


A video is the interactive way of storytelling. This is the best medium to convey the complex idea easily and it maximizes the chance to convince the customers to shop through your online store. So the video will never go out of trend but be careful while using them in your e-commerce site as it may produce reverse results also.


Here in the above list, I have covered top 10 e-commerce design trends which are expected to rule in 2018. There are many e-commerce website development companies which are updating with the new trends so think twice while choosing the E-commerce Website Development Company for your brand.