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Best tips from a Google AdWords expert/specialist

Here we dispense AdWords tips that can help professionals involved in the industry to make the most of a PPC campaign.

Best tips from a Google AdWords expert/specialist

Thursday July 20, 2017,

4 min Read

Image Credit: Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest

Setting and launching a Google AdWords campaign is no big deal, anyone, with a basic understanding of the pay-per click (PPC) model, can sign up and launch an account within half an hour. However, mastering paid search marketing takes months of training and quantitative aptitude. For yielding positive results on investment, a campaign manager cannot just employ the same strategy for each type PPC, one has to optimize and customize campaigns based on the type of the business and consumers’ behaviour. One needs to employ a multitude of marketing strategies to capitalize on the opportunities that search engine marketing offers and leaving the competition behind.

Listed are the AdWords tips that can help professionals involved in the industry to make the most of a PPC campaign.

#1 Understanding Client’s Business

Anyone who is in the charge of the PPC management, be it a free lancer, a consultant, or a white label AdWords management agency, of a company or business, must have an understanding of the business, which includes leads-driving factors, targeted consumers, and mode of operation. Before one gets engrossed in keyword research and launches a paid search campaign, the campaign manager must spend ample time in researching and understanding the various factors that drive a business and draws people to the service, product, or business. 

Experienced or specialist PPC managers typically do a one-on-one interview, or a discussion with the clients, as for a successful campaign it is quintessential to know what does motivate consumers, what strategy business employ to appeal to buyers and draw them in the real world. Based on the inputs, PPC professionals come with a tactic that can simulate the same strategy in the virtual world, or drive sales online.

#2 Creating a business objective

Different businesses employ PPC for different purposes, some to collate information about buyers, some for brand promotion, and some to drive sales and increase revenue. As a PPC expert, it is important to chart out a clear picture of goals and know what a client sees as a conversion, and PPC management team must align a strategy, which includes utilization of search network and display network, with or without remarketing, to create a campaign that satisfies a client. The whole tactic, budget, and optimization depend on the business goals. Therefore, create a clear business objective first.

#3 Quantify everything

Be it an impression, cost to acquisition, conversion rate, cost per click, leads, sales, the flow of traffic, or sales funnel, a PPC manager must measure all. All these data together helps clients as well as paid search to optimize or customize a campaign. In other words, data and conclusions derived from them govern everything in paid-search internet marketing. Thanks to Google AdWords, a tool is offered cost-free to monitor everything; all that one requires is a professional that has the analytical and quantitative aptitude to parse the data and use the conclusions to ensure great results.

#4 Achieving great click-through rate (CTR)

CTR, a PPC metric, is critical for a success of a campaign, since the metric alone affects the quality scorea rating given by Google after accounting the relevance, as well as quality, of written ads and keywordsand the money one has to cough out for a click. One can calculate quality score by dividing the dividing the total clicks by total impressions. 

A CTR in the range of 4 to 5 percent for a search network is considered good, whereas for display network, it remains as low as 0.5 percent to 1 percent. However, a good CTR varies from campaign to campaign and even keywords. An average CTR for a given industry can be accessed through various resources, and on the comparison, if your average remains in below that, it is time to rethinking the tactics all over again for PPC management.

Above mentioned four tips are just an iota of what one needs to know about to run a successful campaign; however if you focus on at least on these tips, it is more likely that your campaign succeeds in bringing good results.