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The Engineers Dilemma

Sunday July 31, 2016,

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To begin with,

During my college days we had a visiting lecturer who told if you wanna change something in the society, pick up one problem and make that problem the goal of your life.Apparently we Indians see problems as "Problems", but the world sees them as a bag full of opportunities.

Here's the Problem.

Around 1.5 million engineers graduate every year in India. Around which 80% are unemployed the reason being, lack of skills. So what can be done to overcome this dilemma?

As the Bhagwad Gita says" Before you solve something first understand it completely." We noted down the points why today's engineer is unemployable?

1. The Engineering Curriculum

It is designed in such a way that at the end of the 8th semester you forget 60% of what you learned.

2. The Engineering exam pattern

30-70, 20-80, 50-50 , 40-60 ,etc ,etc

3. The Useless Submissions

Literally everyone just copy pastes them, till today i don't understand why we need to write them.

The industry needs skilled labor, not book worms. Practical training and hands-on experience is the need of the day.The college syllabus introduces a subject in great detail and often it is cumbersome to study all such subjects in depth.

All the three points had one thing in common( NO TIME ) to study the needs of the market.

Here's the Solution we ( me and my two other friends) came up with.

We started "MyKitab" an app which consists of notes made from various reference books, thus saving you heaps of effort, energy ⚡and time🕓 which allows you to utilize that time to learn new and useful things beyond the traditional college syllabus.


A specially designed step by step✅ problem solving approach that this app employs is exactly what you need to facilitate sound learning.

To add to this, you save plenty of data due to the app's low data usage. It's portability allows you to learn on the go with just a touch of your finger.

You save paper📖 by going digital. So it is literally success at your own fingertips without burning a hole in your pockets for extra tuitions.

In the next Update, we are going to include internships tab, useful links to understand and learn the market needs.

So download this app, start learning and get ahead in this Age of Information.

(An attempt to make future engineers theoretically and practically strong and also to make engineering simple as much as possible)

We have taken the first step by designing it for 7th semester Computer Engineering SPPU, a long journey is awaiting.

Developed By

1) Akshay Jaitpal

2) Chinmay Raskar

3) Pavan Kodihal

Soon for all branches/ Universities