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3 step formula to train your mind for success

We all want to know the big secrets - the secret to success, happiness, prosperity, and for absolute perfection in our lives. In fact, you are not the only one out there searching for peace, financial stability, success, a good job, house, and all.

3 step formula to train your mind for success

Wednesday May 24, 2017,

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We want to be successful no matter what comes across. And this is the big reason you are reading this article because of your never ending quest to train your brain for success. The surprising part is that not only the people who have failed in XYZ exam or couldn’t land in a dream job are searching for ways to be successful. Even the most successful entrepreneurs, managers, and people with luxurious lifestyle, financial independence continue to ask Google for easy ways to achieve success.

Why do you want to train your brain for Success?

Have you ever wondered the reason behind your hunt for success? What drives you crazy when your business idea doesn’t work?

Clearly, the quest for success is because of either one out of these two reasons. The first reason is your desire for more. Okay, you earn 50k per month but after a period of 1 year or so, you definitely want an increment. Isn’t it so? Or, if your company is working on 10 projects every month. You want to look for ways to get 10 more projects from the next month..

Whether at an individual or a mass level, we always have this desire of getting more... More money, big house and bigger house, from a startup to a multi-billionaire company and so on. The quest for more and more makes us hunt for extraordinary ways to find success. We want to the best of our efforts, capabilities, and strengths to get it.

The second reason is fear. Fear is again a powerful driving factor, which makes you hunt for success. You continuously make changes with your team or do new experiments just because you have the fear of failure. You want to train more at the gym just because you don’t want to put back those extra pounds you lost after great efforts.

In general, the above two points are the main reasons for looking for ways to become more successful. But,of course, there can be multiple other reasons as well.

A Word of Caution

Before we read on ways to make your brain a powerhouse of success, let’s discuss what success actually is.

Success holds different parameters for different people, at different place, and time. There is no such pre-defined parameter of success defined by anyone anywhere. We can never define success in comparative form. You cannot compare two people and say one of them is more successful. Even if you do this, you would be fooling yourself around.

Success can be getting through board exams for someone who couldn't make it to the school for the whole year. Success can be getting a job for someone who is the only earning source of a family. Success can be launching a startup for someone who had already failed a number of times before. And success can be waking up every morning with a sound health for someone who’s critically dealing with it.

These points aren’t meant to lower your expectations or goals for life. They are just to make you aware that somebody else’s success isn’t a benchmark for your success or happiness. Indeed, this is the real problem with the whole world. We tend to achieve what others achieve and we forget to value what we really have in our life.

So, revisit that page of your diary that lists your interests, passions or goals. Do you really want to achieve them? Or, are they driven through jealousy, obsession or guilt?

If you are in the latter scenario, then rectify it, and then read the article ahead. Only if you have a positive mindset then only you can train your brain for success. Else, you would simply end up chasing success and that would be a futile exercise.

Once you are ready, it’s now time to open up the big secret to to train your brain for success.

1. Be Clear about your Goal

Before you begin to plan and put in efforts, it is important to define your goals clearly. You need to have a strong and clear intention about what you want to achieve. The great thing after reading this would be to pen down your goals and aims in your diary. Remember, be clear about what you want!

For instance, if you want to buy the grocery for a month, you need to make a clear list on what all things you have to buy. If you want to buy salt, you will have to ask for it from the shopkeeper. You cannot go with a confused state of mind and stand with a long face in front of the shopkeeper. He would never know what you want. Did you get it?

The same is the case with your mind. Our mind is boggling with ideas and thoughts every minute of the day. In order to achieve success, you need to channelize your thoughts in the right direction. And the right direction is determined by your goal. Thus, make sure you have a clear intention of what you want to achieve in your life. Having done this, you have taken the first step towards success.

2. Attend to your Goal

Once the goal is set, it’s time to devise a strategic plan to put things into action. Make sure you have a well-defined plan, which you can follow to reach your goal. Don’t forget to figure out alternative ways or a plan B just to save you when plan A fails.

Once the planning is done, you can now begin to make your best efforts towards success. For example: if your target is to shed off 10 kilos of weight then you will have to put in every little effort possible to fulfill it. You will need to spend time at the gym, cut out on sweets, and give up your favorite dishes.

But there is one thing which is prominent in this. The most important part of goal-achieving is being positive. No matter what goes across, you will have to remain positive in every adverse situation. The book ‘The Secret’ says the universe returns back whatever you give. In short, the world around you is a manifestation of your own thoughts and actions. So, don’t let even a speck of doubt ruin your chances of success.

You will have to believe in what you want to achieve. This firm belief will make you sail even against the tides. Of course, there will be times when you would fall into the pit of doubts and fears. There is nothing wrong with it. But don’t let such things overpower you. Wake up and shake up yourself. Believe in your goals and get going.

3. Give it Time to Manifest

Okay, so now you are done with the goal setting and efforts part. Now, it’s time to surrender and rest. Yes, you read right rest. Probably, no school or institution in the world would ever teach you this. You are always asked to keep doing efforts till you make it to the point, which ultimately leads to obsession or stress. In fact, this is the real reason behind most failures. People tend to control every situation to such an extent that they end up taking their own lives.

Thus, learn the art to let go and rest once you have already done your part. Although your mind will give you a thousand reasons of failure or create a doubt but remember your faith can shake the mountains. You will have to hold onto the faith that you will definitely get what you want. Wait for universe to manifest it for you and things will manifest.

The Secret Ingredient

And this is what the secret is- the secret ingredient of success - intention, attention, and manifestation.

Clearly, this is the way everything in the universe works including your success. So, you need to have a clear intention of what you want, pay attention to it and it is bound to manifest. Good Luck!

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