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One day or day one!!!!

An inspiring story  to realize the difference between One day and  Day One.... 

Monday May 08, 2017,

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Reaching home from work, drained by the enormous fact-finding and evaluations, I am totally exhausted. Walking up the stairs and unlocking my room, loads of eerie ideas pop in my head. My head is in the clouds. I imagine a day off morrow, and many such absurd things just to run away from the fast and furious corporate world.

Seem as if I have stuck in a rut. Life’s as dry as dust. I work rigorously just to earn bread and butter. A blind rage which I go after to be paid at the end of every month. I never pictured my life as the way it is today.

I miss the beautiful days when I was behind time. The days when life was simple and joyful. Resting on my deck chair, I take a trip down the memory lane. The echoes of my happy-go-lucky days bounce back. The glorious moments are etched in my mind. For once I want those old times back. The times when I was damn ambitious to be on the top. I had a dream…. even this very day.

I remember hearing the movie dialogues, song lyrics again and again. Each time I recalled them I felt a sensation. I loved the way writers put all they had in their minds in black and white. The way they defined the indefinable.

My inclination for writing was budding deep in my head and heart. I told my friends, “One day I will be a writer”. I imagined my book launch in collaboration with eminent publishing houses. Signing books for the crazy folks out there and a slumber of fantasizing thoughts.

I loved reading the books of the best sellers. The captivating stories ignited great ardour deep down my heart. I remember reading the autobiographical novel “I too had a love story” by Ravinder Singh. A tear-jerker story which speaks of the essence of true love and its inescapable separation.

I didn’t realize how quickly time passed. The college days came to an end. I stepped out into the confronting corporate world hunting for a job and got hold of one. I go to my office daily and spend long working hours at the computer and just get up for a lunch or bathroom break.

Facetiously that One Day passed into days, weeks, months and even years. My dream is still a dream. I made efforts to get a decent job but failed to give one best shot. A riot of mixed emotions goes inside me. My dream is still unrealized. And I have plenty of excuses and turn a deaf ear towards my aspiration. The weirdest one –“No time”.

Contradictory, when I learn about people making their book debuts, sparks of hope spring up. A strong zeal “Even I Can” flashes in my mind. My inner instinct asks me to step forward.

I decide on it takes guts to write a book. I take my laptop and go to the still silent nook of my room. Opening the text editor, I gaze at the vacant sheet and lose my nerves. Battling my own fears, I say I have so much to say and I can.

And today it is Day One!!!!