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3 Best Speed Test Tools for Determining Web Performance

3 Best Speed Test Tools for Determining Web Performance

Saturday March 18, 2017,

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There are many factors which when come together are responsible for the success of the website. Among which speed loading of a website is an important factor which if not met with can be the biggest reason for the failure of the site. Following are the benefits of a faster loading time of your website:

➡️️ The website gains higher SEO rankings

➡️️The website is able to retain the visitor for a longer time

➡️️ It is easier to convert prospects

➡️️ Decreasing the bounce rate percentage

➡️️ Increasing the overall user experience

So, ok. How do you check the speed of the website? The answer is speed test tools. These are tools which help to determine the speed of the website as and when the website will be accessed by a visitor. These are the tools used by most of the web development company. These speed test tools help to upgrade and maintain the SEO of the website by the SEO company.

Following are the 3 best speed test tools which you can use to test the speed of your website:

1. Google PageSpeed Insights:

(PageSpeed Insights - Google Developers)

(PageSpeed Insights - Google Developers)

The results on the website speed test with the help of the Google PageSpeed Insights are derived on the on the scale if 1 to 100. Higher the ranking of your result better the speed of your website is the basic understanding of the test. When you see your website ranking above 85 it conveys that your website is aptly optimized. This tool is capable gives efficient and accurate reports for both desktop and mobile versions of a particular site. Which means you do not need two tools to check the speed for two different versions of your site, just a single tool will do the trick. Also if the tool finds the reason or causes for a slower speed of the website it also shows recommendations for improving the speed.

2. Pingdom:

(Pingdom Website Speed Test)

(Pingdom Website Speed Test)

More famous among the 3-speed test tools, the reports generated by Pingdom is segregated into 4 different sections, viz: performance grade, waterfall breakdown, page analysis and history. The page analysis provides an additional overview of the reports like size per domain, the number of requests received per domain, analysis of the size, the type of content which has received the most requests etc.

3. KeyCDN website speed test:

(Website Speed Test - KeyCDN Tools)

(Website Speed Test - KeyCDN Tools)

KeyCDN is a website speed test tool which is extremely fast and light in weight so as to provide you with instant and accurate results. It has an option to choose from 14 different geographical locations around the world. Also, you can use the test results and broadcast it so that people come to know about the high-speed ability of the website. What is included in the test is the visual website preview at the bottom of the page and a waterfall breakdown. It is an extremely responsive tool and has compatibility with almost all mobile devices.

I am sure with the help of the above tools you can have a highly-optimized website which you can proudly see topping the SERP’s.