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IM Newbies Needs To Read This

I have written my complete story of changing and finding the best hosting service for my blog.

IM Newbies Needs To Read This

Thursday October 12, 2017,

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Every newbie who is willing to build a new blog or a website for his/her business asks for the best hosting service for their blog or website, well this article is based completely on my search for best hosting provider also economical and if you are also a newbie this article will help you a lot to search the best hosting provider on which my sites are currently hosted.


So, yes I started my blog back in 2016 I think starting off may month, previously I have started many blogs but I was facing the same issue which wasn't cleared yet, I purchased the domain I liked it because through this domain I can enter on multi-niche market and it will help me to write on many topics at the same time, so I purchased the domain from the most prominent domain provider in the industry additionally I purchased hosting from them as addon to the domain.

I did not host MultiTutorials on my previous host as I was knowing that my current hosting provider just have a blast in their domain name and nothing else besides it, nor they were good in performance nor they were good in support the only thing they were good it was providing hosting services at cheap prices, not that much cheap but a little cheap.

Before starting you can check my blog through WayBack machine and you can look how it was looking when it was nearly established.

Chapter 1: 1st Hosting Provider 

So, let's start as I bought hosting service as an addon from the prominent domain provider for a month, for no reasons I have to stick to them before the expiration of the service. After some time of usage I found memory issues and uptime issues as my blog was already new and it was half of the time downtime due to memory usage, some visitors were coming and were exiting the blog due to downtime issues or load time issues within three seconds which was already giving Google a signal of low-quality content. 

Before few days from expiration, I backed up all my files and kept them on Google Drive, for migration...

I rested my site offline for few weeks, due to some occasion...

Chapter 2: 2nd Hosting Provider

Now, it was the time to bring my site back online, I gave another shot to my first ever hosting provider with a blast in its domain name, I added domain and installed WordPress again and migrated complete website successfully...

And it happened as just I feared and knowing of, now my blog was having the most times downtime, very bad customer support and speed time were the badest I experienced yet in the industry.

You, know what I wasn't having fun working site loading took much time than I ever expected and guess what I migrated to industry leading hosting provider with an animal on its logo and here comes the 3rd hosting provider.

Chapter 3: 3rd Hosting Provider

I was very happy with the hosting now, all things were working almost perfect as I ever wanted to the plan I chose was the third notch but as MultiTutorials was a startup, it was a quite expensive plan, although I could handle it but according to me it was some more amount than what I was getting.

What I was getting didn't worth the amount I was paying.

Everything was good, but one day I lost my whole site and I forgot to install the backup plugin, as I was doing something in file manager from cPanel and again building it was hard again, so I contacted the hosting provider team and I asked them to restore my complete website and they said a pretty decent amount to restore it at that moment I got to know that this company is just focusing on money and I left...

My friend told me to try VPS and that's where the chapter 4 begins.

Chapter 4: 4th Hosting Provider

A special offer was running for college mates to get their $30 credit in their VPS accounts which could easily run my site for 6 months and after that, if I am satisfied then I can carry up the plan.

The hosting provider includes ocean in its name....

I somehow managed to set up the hosting as I was having zero skills on cloud computing language so I asked their support center to help, and guess what they said you have to install WordPress by your own we can provide a tutorial, that's it.

AnyWays I installed WordPress on my own to the server by following some tutorial and bought the site up again.

After some days I saw my website redirecting to another website and its language was changed I was shocked and I got to know from my website development services friend that my website is being hacked.

I was shocked, that the security wasn't that much good in this provider, I again contacted the support team they said you have to reinstall WordPress with this tutorial and re-change the credentials, I wasn't expecting no on hands assistance on my site by them.

I followed their tutorial and bought my website live again but still, it was redirecting to other domain with the changed language I checked and re-updated my domain nameservers but nothing happened. I contacted the support team and they came up with the same answer again.

I was frustrated...

And one day I was browsing facebook and I found a guy who did a guarantee to be 100% uptime with their hosting service, and that's where the chapter 5 begins.

Chapter 5: Final Chapter, VisualCloudX

As I said one day I was browsing facebook and I found a guy posted a post in a group to which I was mutual too, I was fascinated by his words and decided to contact him, at first as I was frustrated with the previous hosting providers, so I asked him for a 15 day trial and he gave me that trial.

He himself alone helped me to set up my website till 11:00 pm and that supportive thinking of him is excellent and what I like the most. The next day I bought my site with the content and I completely set it up live.

Everything is going good, excellent load time I never got such loading time from previous hosting providers, remarkable support, and the most amazing part is that this hosting is the cheapest hosting service compared to any of the previous one.

 Now everything is good, within one month my site traffic was doubled...

Here is a sneak peak to the traffic I got...

Nice results.

Nice results.

I shifted to VisualCloudX from April last.

You can easily check the results, yet I am fascinated and you will be too.

You, can check the plans yourself, I recommend you to go for Startup plan.

So, if you are a heading to starting a blog or website there's no chance you can find better than this hosting service ( VisualCloudX ), I guarantee you!