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Quitting a six digit job and a leading global IT brand for my own dream !

My journey from an employee to an artist, an entrepreneur, a life and travel blogger, photographer and freelance sales person 

Quitting a six digit job and a leading global IT brand for my own dream !

Thursday April 06, 2017,

4 min Read

Ok !! Agreed. That's multiple hats that i am wearing today and frankly speaking i am having the best time of my life. All that i had dreamt, i am working onto - right from my first art exhibition coming up, to working full time for my startup, to photography, to blogging, supporting 2 street kids turned reporters to achieve their dream and taking out time to spend on my own. All this wasn't possible over night and this is a reward i got on quitting my corporate life, that was taking most of my time. Quitting a fat package with globally leading IT company wasn't all that easy - neither was it impossible. This could be possible due to my effort that i started putting 2 years back to live a life that i had always dreamt of. To live a satisfactory life, doing everything that i wanted to. To spend the day doing things that my heart and soul understood and that was most relevant to me as a person.


I started working to achieve this life some 2 years back. With job in hand i spent extra hours doing more of what i wanted to do. Though job was fun, but something was missing. Something more, something that was more relevant to who i am, something more that made more sense, something more that was more valuable than money, something more that would let me open my wings and fly. The first and foremost thing i did was to realize what this missing part/s were. Then i started working more apart from my office job to enhance the skills that would get me more closer to the missing parts, till this day when i am at a stage where i am on that something more. Quitting the high package and the big brand wasn't that easy, until one day i realized that i am ready to take the plunge. I was pretty much readied with most of my work - art, startup, blogging,photography - but all this was at a very nascent stage, rather few would not even generate money for long and that which would generate would not be enough to pay my bills, at least for initial 4-5 months time. My urge to take the plunge was stronger than ever, cause i believed that what i was going to do next was the best for me and probably the time had come - but the bills ? This question stood strong between my dream life and me - until i stumble upon an idea - a simple idea to live a simple life ! That was it ! Suddenly the worries went off, suddenly the bills shrinked, suddenly i saw the light i had been waiting to witness. I knew i would be getting less in the initial days, may be much less than that i was getting - but certainly it was worth the bet. 

Trust me today, when i say it was worth the bet. I live a much fulfilled life, a life that i own and do things that i love doing. A dream life has come true for me and i see opportunities thats much much bigger than what i had when i was an employee. Opportunities that i could relate to and do things that makes most sense to me . 

Today I work full time for my startup -, i am getting readied for my first art exhibition in Pune - check my artwork @ , i am writing more - check my life and travel blog site @, i am working closely with the people who need my help and support and that i am more of me every second of my life. (Anyone who wants to help 2 street kids realize their dream, please do get in touch to know more)

Thats my story and a lot is coming your way :) .