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Handy tips to create the best whiteboard animation video

Initially, whiteboard animation video concept was brought about by recording an artisan drawing on a whiteboard while clarifying a thought or idea or a message.

Friday June 08, 2018,

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Using whiteboard animation videos are the best decision and the right choice. They are candid, connecting and can convey the required message to the point. Whiteboard animation videos can also be used as an awesome device or to

ol. The potential outcomes are relatively limitless with whiteboard animation! Most importantly, it can be an incredible instructive approach for education purpose since it can simplify a complicated message and can make it engaging.

The best part whiteboard animation can even make boring message or topic extremely entertaining!

5 Handy Tips For Your Whiteboard Animation Video

Perceive how you can use whiteboard animation for your creation procedure with these handy & helpful tips:

1. Focus on the Script

Most likely many people are aware; the content is the foundation of your video and good content is the initial move towards an effective video making. For an ideal whiteboard animation, the script of the video has to be under 240 words, which will bring about 90 seconds in video design. When you focus on the script and make your video short, your targeted audience will watch it until the end.

Another thing about the script

, make sure the story and the script concentrate your targeted audience and their issues rather than the product you offer.

2. Usage of Animated Characters

It is dependably a smart thought to take your video to the higher level by including characters that are animated. You can emphasize your purchaser persona and envision what they would look like as the principal character in your video by animating them.

Concerning your animated characters, search for an expert explainer video organization that can make animated character developments stream easily. Additionally, it is significant for things to look normal to keep your audience consideration on what you need them to do, that is your message.

3. Use the power of Storytelling

It's not possible for anyone to ignore a well-delivered story. As people, we make and live for stories; we can't resist the urge to be pulled in to a good story. Utilize this concept of fascination, and, rather than simply struggling to influence a deal or product, tell your audience a story –hence the power of utilizing storytelling in your whiteboard animation video.

Keep in mind, for this to succeed, your story must be engaged around your targeted audience and their issues, not on your item's highlights. Only by doing so, you will grab their attention, consideration and create will be able to develop compassion.


4. Utilize references to Emotions

As told earlier, Whiteboard animation video is a fun way to convey a complicated message in a simple and engaging way. In any case, well, the thing about simple strategic way is that your animated video can be molded, as you need them to be – Happy, Sad, amusing, mysterious, compassionate or emotional, however, you want it to be.

Utilize your targeted audience’s feelings and emotions to support. This should be possible by adding components to the story that will bring back 'past times worth remembering (like the reference to an old famous movie!) to make your video significantly more striking.

5. Go versatile & User-friendly!

As you are well aware, It's not 2010 any longer. You cannot make your views to turn or flip their cellphones just to see your video.

Many surveys have proved that 94% of the time users hold their cellphone vertically. As video makers, we know it is currently obligated to make the videos enhanced for the vertical portable screen. The pattern that began with Snapchat has spread out of control fire to other social stages. It is expected that the world is preparing for a vertical video assume control.

So now, at this time, make sure that you deliver your audience the video that is user-friendly and try to keep the update, as trends tend to change.


Initially, whiteboard animation video concept was brought about by recording an artisan drawing on a whiteboard while clarifying a thought or idea or a message. Today, this kind of videos have a 100% digital generation process however despite everything else they still carry an outclass value.