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Why Did I Start Up?

A journey towards myriad dreams

Why Did I Start Up?

Saturday July 09, 2016,

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I define a start-up as an unconventional manner of doing a conventional business by optimising the use of technology.

The word start-up has become a frenzy in India and it has had its fair share of media coverage and ended up being a hot topic for chai pe charcha. Amidst all the hype and euphoria one question that often goes unanswered is Why Did I Start Up or why does anybody take on the entrepreneurial journey?

I recently quit my job and started India’s first men’s online personal styling fashion portal. This was after I worked only for seven months as a Chartered Accountant. So what led to this decision? A not-so-happy job profile? Yes, it did. But that is not the sole reason. It definitely acted as a catalyst but not the only reason.

A lot of us think about starting a new venture and all it ever remains is a thought. The energy needed to turn that thought into action is very difficult to generate and synergise, understandably so. Here are a few signals that you can also redefine the world-

1. Entrepreneurial Instinct

When you become an entrepreneur you do not work in a single team or department. You have to work across teams, departments and people, especially at the early stages. You have to handle the technology, core business, finance, legal, HR, account et al. It can get the better of you and be very strenuous but if you know how a small business works you would be fine. Being born and brought up in a Marwari family where my father and uncles all were in business, I was practically raised in this culture and this comes naturally to me.

2. Undying Passion for Your Business

It is very easy to say that you are passionate about something when you do not do it for an earning. However, when you have to pay your bills by monetizing your passion it often starts to fade away. Ensure that you are genuinely passionate about this and you are in it for the long haul. Here passion refers to anything that can be monetized. I found mine in men’s fashion. I can talk about it day in and day out. I can read about it endlessly. I can think about it for the whole day. Now it might sound crazy to some that how can anyone say that they are passionate about fashion! But here I am saying just that and I have started a business around it. Moral of the story- Don’t let others judge if your passion is truly worth it. You are the one who knows best.

3. Ready to Slog It Out

It is going to be tough, very tough. You will not start a business and be featured across big media houses overnight. It will take a lot of perseverance, brutal work, dedication and a calm mind to wade through the storms and the tides. Be prepared! I’m only hoping that I am actually prepared.

Source @Pexels

Source @Pexels

4. Desire to Build Something of Your Own

If there is one single trait you can find in every entrepreneur it would be the desire to do something of your own. Irrespective of how big or small it is, whether you achieve success or not. The desire to build something of your own, treat it like your baby- that is infectious and it will make the laziest of asses get off their corporate chair and start this journey.

5. Hate Your Corporate Job

A majority of my friends who are working in a corporate house say they hate their job. This should only be a precursor and not the whole and sole reason for you starting up because it is bound to fade away. It is good to be your own boss but it has its own share of troubles and if you cannot handle your job pressure, you will have a hard time wading through this. I indeed hated my job but my love for fashion was a lot more than that hatred.

Tell me what was the reason behind your decision to start up? Do you agree with these points, if not let’s start discussing in the comments section below.