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Wake up!

Wake up!

Monday March 05, 2018,

4 min Read


Stepping out from school to college was and is everyone’s dream, but how many of us are actually happy from the college and course we are doing? The answer to this question is not even 50% of us are happy and are wasting our lives partying, bunking colleges, getting depressed etc.

I decided to write this blog because I realized a very crucial thing at the right time which I need all of you to realize. Currently I am a second year student at JDMC, University of Delhi. I didn’t have 30% of confidence in myself but the thing I love about myself is that I never stop challenging my fears. I founded the Finance and Investment Cell in my college when I was in just 1st semester & in my second semester I was the part of the Organising Committee of a TEDx event which happened in another college. I have constantly been the part of conferences & competitions which helped to improve myself. In my second year I got the licence to organise a TEDx event in my college (TEDxJDMC 2018). The fire & hunger inside you should never be vanished. What’s there in being an ordinary and mundane college student? Why not do something which makes you feel proud of your own self? Imagine the day when you can actually say to the world, that yes “I am proud of myself”.

Why should you make efforts for yourself to do something EXTRAORDINARY.

1. It’s the need of the hour!

We are living in a world of massive competition. There are about 1.8 billion young people between the ages of 10 and 24 – the largest youth population ever and 70% out of them are just same as who you are or even better. In India only, forget about the world there are thousands of students who are like me or you or all of us! This fact made me discerned that in order to survive in this world of rivalry I need to something which is beyond ordinary, which makes me stand out of the crowd and so I did.

2. Important for your career.

We all need a job in an MNC & we all know how onerous it is in today’s world. They no longer see our academics, but what they see is what extra the student has done in these 3 years of college to improve his/her personality and temperament. Increase the no. of credentials and experiences in your CV. This is the only time to invest in yourself and your CV which most of us realise when it’s too late.

3.It will help you overcome your fears.

Never stop challenging yourself! If you will not stop challenging your fears, you will somewhere remain the same as others. In my 3rd semester I had stage fear but because of the fire inside me, I gave the auditions to host the annual freshers of my college & which i did.


4. 6 things we as college students should learn which will be a gift to us in succour.

*Facing rejections

*Dealing with criticism

*Organising skills

*Time management

*Accepting challenges

*Never give up spirit


How can you start making an effort for yourself?

1. Start taking part in your college events. (as an organiser or participant)

2. Start finding your interests and start working on it. For example: I realised that I want to make my career as a finance professional & so I founded The Finance & Investment Cell in my college which will definitely help me in my career.

3. Start facing your fears. If you feel agitated from doing something, then you should unquestionably work on that particular thing. This will make you stronger, positive, self-confident & intellectually smart as well.

4. If you have reached a stage of learning how to organise and plan events, then start thinking to organise your own event. I can assure you when you organise an event, the experience will be worth remembering.

5. Start finding opportunities for yourself. Remember “each day is a new opportunity’ and don’t let it go”. Follow pages or websites which can be of great help to you.

6. Make your LinkedIn profile to stay connected with opportunities


Don’t forget to keep a balance in everything. Remember “be kind, but don’t let others abuse you. Be loyal, but not blindly obedient. Trust, but don’t be deceived. Be confident, but not arrogant. Be content, but never stop improving yourself.”

Jeff Weiner wrote “Though it may not burn with the same sense of urgency, the healthiest form of motivation is what remains when you have nothing left to prove”
Stay connected for the next blog on lifestyle & personal improvement.