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5 crucial tips for CrossFit beginners

At first thought, CrossFit can seem like a difficult exercise class for anyone to try out, but signing up for a CrossFit class is really not too daunting even for beginners. 

5 crucial tips for CrossFit beginners

Thursday May 10, 2018,

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Crossfit Games

Crossfit Games

So before going out to the next CrossFit that your friend drags you to, here are 5 crucial tips that all of the CrossFit beginners should know about. By the end of this list, you should feel confident to go out and try a class for yourself!

1. Be A Part Of The CrossFit Community

CrossFit classes are a great starting point for anyone looking to get fit. There’s no need to buy extra equipment or special gear for group classes—all you need is regular workout clothes and shoes. Another important thing to keep in mind when you join a group class is you will be amongst not only regular CrossFitters but also other beginners.

The CrossFit community culture is very open to newcomers unlike other fitness groups, and it is really easy to get involved in your local CrossFit community. Many CrossFit gyms have members who range from weightlifters to triathlon athletes, so you should not be afraid to test these classes out no matter what your prior athletic experience may be.

2. Trust In The Coaches and Guided Workouts

Another tip for new CrossFitters is to understand the methodology behind CrossFit training before jumping into a class. CrossFit classes are interactive and engaging-- everyone including the coaches joins in on the action. Classes are structured into Workouts of the Day, or WODs, which make every class unique and unpredictable. This unpredictability and shared struggle really make CrossFit classes build up both your physical strength and mental fortitude.

District Crossfit Class Warfare

District Crossfit Class Warfare

Everyone will feel tired after a CrossFit, whether you have never trained or are a gym regular, because CrossFit targets both strength and conditioning simultaneously. But you will also feel proud that you made it through all the exercises and built strong bonds with your fellow CrossFitters.

3. Understand Training Comes From Across The Fitness Spectrum

Along with trusting the process, another tip beginners should know about is CrossFit classes are marathons… and sprints. Based on high-intensity interval training, each CrossFit class is short, intense, and nonstop. This training method utilizes many different exercises, which makes you put in the effort to train for both strength and conditioning.

As a part of interval training, new CrossFitters should expect everything from burpees to Olympic lifts and everything in between. This feature of CrossFit makes it valuable towards reaching any of your fitness goals.

4. Focus on Good Technique First, Then Add-on Weights

Another tip for new CrossFitters is not to rush the growth process. Unlike traditional gyms that intimidate you into putting on the weights quickly, CrossFit group classes build you up over time from gym newcomer to gym regular.

As a new CrossFitter, you should give yourself time to work your way up to a modest fitness baseline on each kind of exercise, so you can condition yourself to higher intensity workouts on a full CrossFit circuit. Also, if you are unsure of your baseline or if you have any other questions, always ask your coaches or trained professionals to guide you through those questions.

5. Stick With It, And Practice The CrossFit Philosophy

As mentioned above, CrossFit is a training regimen that is both a marathon and a sprint. When it comes to seeing results, consider training more like the marathon: a day-in, day-out grind to your fitness goals. Many new gym goers are intimidated by the extreme workout regimen and pace of CrossFit, but you should know that CrossFit is really meant to be a fun group experience at its heart.

More Crossfit Games

More Crossfit Games

Any new workout is going to be unpleasant to start, but as long as you stick with it, you will go far. The combined strengthening and conditioning will often produce results sooner than most other linear training methods.

Where Should Beginner CrossFitters Start Their Journey?

There are many options for all of you new CrossFitters to start out at. Some of the best CrossFit gyms offer drop-in classes, which are great for anyone who is unsure about the in-gym experience of CrossFit. And if you do drop in on one of these classes, be sure to take this 5 tips along the journey with you, so you can be ahead of the game as a new CrossFitter.