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The Plus Size Models Have a Message for Every Woman who Ever Doubted Herself

The Plus Size Models Have a Message for Every Woman who Ever Doubted Herself

Thursday March 02, 2017,

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“Look at you! What are you a big trunk, a dump? To be honest I can’t even figure out. Are you really ‘My Daughter’? Because I am really ashamed of you gosh I don’t know what miserable life will be after people calling you my daughter, where will I hide my face?”

And what God was thinking when he made you with such ugly figure said her mother. Can u imagine how hurtful it was for her to hear such harsh and cruel words ugly, fatty and no wonder it was from her mother well, Mother you gave others an opportunity too.

For how many years you are not going to love yourself and for whom?

Not mentioning anybody’s name but you too must have witnessed such cases nearby or in your locality and if not, then you are already blessed because there’s nobody who is criticizing you for what you are and who you are nobody is there to question your body shape whether it’s plus size or zero size.

Have you ever heard of plus-size-models?

Where America steps ahead at New York Fashion Week’17 with plus size models, India went down with such thoughts and morals. Girls, you are your own presenter if you are not going to love yourself nobody is going to love you either. If you can’t respect how beautiful god has made you can’t even expect from others to give it back to you. Learn, in life sooner or later you will realize how precious you are as an individual. And no matter in which country you are you represent yourself as an individual.

Once at Lakme fashion Week 2016, the plus size model Payal Soni had that self-confidence which she wished she could see in every other girl who is of plus size shape to move ahead with from all the queries and low confidence, but I guess her effort made no difference to you all.

Did you see how beautiful and confident she was on the runway?

Ok, another example let’s go international now, the plus size model Ashley Graham not only this year even last year she showcased her own lingerie collection at the runway herself.


To all the plus size girls/women pull your socks up you are no less. Go beyond with everything you wished you could do, you can now also don’t keep yourself low. Give answers to all those who are not even worth those questions pointing you out. Stand up for yourself show them what you’ve got. Just be confident of what you are, look yourself in the mirror and complement your beauty.

Style yourself in such a way that you set remark for other people, make them proud too. You have several fashionable options look around to get inspired from the models they are for real this is not a made up story.

‘People are people’

Let them speak, stand up for yourself and show them what you are and what you deserve in life! Of course, you deserve more than what they say, they or what they see, they are blind to see your beauty but you are not, prove them wrong.

“You are blessed too”