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Story of my life.....

Thursday December 15, 2016,

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"Story Of My Life"

*My Journey From Auto To Audi & More!*



Here I share my story as an inspiration to the youth.

I have Written as a column for a leading newspaper in India!

Firstly, Thank you everyone for the Birthday Wishes.

My Dear friends, fans & followers.....

There is nothing in this world called

"Overnight Success"

It's a slow & gradual process.

Took me 10 years to reach where I am today.

Faced many hardships, failures, trials & errors.

On my biggest failure when everyone wrote me down,

I wrote the journey of life exactly where I am today with tears in my eyes and a blotted ink pen on a sheet of paper!

And promised myself that I will make a mark with my name in this world!!!!!

Started my journey by travelling in buses and autos.

My first event was on November 11 2006 where I got paid nothing.

My second event was for big bazaar on November 14 2006 "Children's Day" & I was paid about Rs.500-Rs.1000 after 10 hours of hardwork.

Then I thought to myself why not do one hour of work and get 10 times more or 100 times more?

Here came the smart planning & strategy!

Bought My first car Honda Civic in the year 2009.

Worked harder and bought my dream car AUDI in 2011 DEC 12.

At the age of 23 years I became India's youngest Audi Owner!

Last bday of 2015 DEC 12 bought my favourite Superbike Suzuki Hayabusa (Fastest Superbike in the world)

This B'day gifted myself A Super Luxury Car "JAGUAR - XJL".

You may ask what next ?

My Answer.....

Ferrari, Lambhorgini or A Private Jet !

Ladies & Gentlemen

Confidence is key!

The harder you work,

The luckier you get!

I believe - 'Don't just Meet Your Goals, Smash them & Destroy them'

Goal-setting is very important!

My dear buddies if I can do it,

You can do it too!

As No Dream is too Big!

I feel absolutely enriched with all the undying love of my fans & especially when kids come & tell me they want to be an MC Too!

I feel truly humble when I find so many people who come to me and tell me that they have been inspired by my body of work, success, speeches & quotes!

All I would like to say is that -

I Don't want to impress, I want to Inspire!

When you work hard through the year

Follow the phenomenon of 'Self-reward'

Motivate yourself by gifting you what you want!

Keep setting long-term & short-term goals.

In the words of Ratan Tata,

"Not everybody is born with equal talent,

But life gives an equal opportunity to develop that talent"

Just believe in yourself and you can do it.

The Magic Of Thinking Big -

Think Big, Become Big!

You become what you think, ofcourse only with your never-ending efforts!

Always remember -

"Your Network = Your Networth"

The company you keep is very important as you become who you have coffee with!

"You be with two successful people you become the third, you be with two idiots you become the third"

I make sure I shake hands with successful people as the energy flows and makes you more Zealous!

Always level up in life.

Do not be a mediocre!

Work hard & work smart!

Get paid for what you love to do.

As to succeed in life you must do what you love & love what you do!

Obstacles are those you see when you set your eyes off your goal!

I'm sure all of us go through heartbreaks

Just convert it into more fuel to burn you to succeed and run towards your goals!

That's what I do.

There will be a lot of distractions on your way to success, people who will be jealous of you, haters with no purpose in life will pull you down, your own people who will be envious of you!

All I would like to say is "Statues are never laid in honour of the jealous,envious, haters & critics.

Statues are laid only for the Great Successful ones!

If you listen to losers & haters

Then you have to be nothing,do nothing, say nothing!


When people are jealous of you,

Just burn them more 😉

"Best Revenge Is Massive Success"

As Success is the best pleasure!

Tell you what to do with Haters?

Kill them with your success,

Bury them with your Smile!

Give the highest and best form of energy to yourself and no one else.

Only keep good vibes in you & around you!

All that matters is you and your goal.

Nothing else!


Now after 10 years of working in over 2000 events winning over a 100 Awards, meeting stars, celebrities, dignitaries, powerful people from across the world & innumerable times being featured on TV, Newspapers & Magazines.....

I am hungry for more!!!!!

As once you taste success,

The hunger never goes!

To be successful you need to want success as much as you want to breathe!!!!!

This is just the beginning.....

Only the top of the ice-berg!

There is so much more coming.....

Thank almighty & My Role-Model

My Idol Imam ALI (a.s)

The reason I say