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Lessons about doing classified ads

Lessons about doing classified ads

Thursday November 02, 2017,

3 min Read


You all must be familiar with classified ads that you see in local newspaper and daily magazines. But, there always come a time when you need to choose right type of category for posting classified ad for your brand new products and services which your company is going to launch. Although, there are many subheads under which you can post ads but if you are looking something new and innovative then you can go with the best classified sites  which are worth investing and easy to use. Many ad posting companies are there those who have come up with an option of classified sites. For using them you need not require having any knowledge, for posting ads online all you need to do is just login with your unique username and password and start publishing ads. The main reason of posting classified ad is to provide knowledge of any good and products along with their features, traits, characteristics and benefits.

The main benefit of posting online ad is that you need not to worry about the text, writing style and words that usually happens when classified is posted on newspaper. Along with this, you can use many innovative tools, designs and taglines as per your requirement. This will make your ad more attractive, eye catching and pleasing that will help in grabbing attention of large customers and you never know how profitable it can be for your business. From last few years, many developments have been in the area of classified advertisements that is not only beneficial for advertiser, but for customer and publisher as well.

No pricing models on internet ads

The most important thing and benefit that you can enjoy in internet classified ads is that there is no pricing model or any pre fix rate. This means that you can set the price accordingly as per your need and after knowing the current market scenario and situation through which your business will get benefits. In fact some of the instant approve India classified sites also have an option of checking daily structure and pricing models depending on which you can make changes in the price. Overall, doing all these things on online classified ad posting site involves low cost structure and is of regulatory nature.

Online advertising tools

Along with many other benefits, most of the classified ad posting sites offers online advertising tools which can make ads more attractive. Not only this, many designing tools are also available online that will add professional touch to advertisement. There are several templates that will give finishing touch to ads. So, overall you can say that online classified advertising is a growing niche.

Different categories to browse

Many classified ad posting sites make work much easier by providing many categories to browse among and under which ads can be posted without any problem or detailed description. Mentioned below are some of the categories to choose among:


Home store

Electrical and appliances

Business opportunities

Pet and pet care





Travel and hotels


Get instant alert on mailing I’d

Many of the ad posting sites also offer feature like instant alert through which you will get information if someone has shown interest in your ad. This will be done by sending you an email on your account and in this notification everything will be mentioned in detail. In fact, most of the notification will directly take you the site where you can see and take all the information about your ad and not only this you can even solve the queries of customers. To make work easier they also have option of login your alert page using Facebook or google account. 

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