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Top Node JS Open Source E Commerce Solutions

Top Node JS Open Source E Commerce Solutions

Sunday April 29, 2018,

9 min Read

E Commerce businesses are rapidly increasing in number in the entire world and it is considered as one of the foolproof business in the online industry. With the increasing habit for using online means for various necessities by the people, shopping has become one of the most common activities that is performed online and on mobile devices these days. This is primarily because online shopping has eliminated the hassle of traveling and setting aside a dedicated time for shopping for busy folks especially. So, no wonder we see that physical stores now want to have an eCommerce website for themselves to list their products online for people to buy them through their website. 

For setting up an eCommerce website, there are two options. One of the options is you can get an eCommerce website developed right from the scratch, which can be done as per your need and requirement.

However, this might cost an arm and a leg for you as it may require you to hire a dedicated team of developers, who specialize in eCommerce industry and website development. Another option that can save both cost and time is to have an open source eCommerce software solution customized as per any eCommerce requirement; for any sized eCommerce business and for any product type.

When the second option sounds feasible to you, the next question that would arise in your mind is which one would be the best among so many open source solutions available in the market? And, you might also discover that there are eCommerce solutions built on different technologies. This might lead to more of confusion if you are a naïve to the software industry.

While there are several PHP based eCommerce solutions available, and they have undoubtedly proven to work in the best manner for development as well as maintenance, there is another technology that has newly emerged in the industry and is becoming popular among developers for giving back a high performing and speedy web application. And, that is Node JS.

A few great minds, having realized the smartness of Node JS in web application development, came up with a brilliant idea of creating an eCommerce open source solution using Node JS over PHP and other languages. I would like to list a few of existing open source eCommerce solutions exclusively built on Node JS.

 Spurt Commerce


This is the most recent entry into the open source eCommerce solution market. People behind this awesome Node JS based eCommerce solution are a team of Node JS experts, based from Chennai, who once used PHP for most of their web application development.

Off late, after having thoroughly studied about Node JS and realized about its advantages, gradually they started adopting this smart technology and they also migrated a few of their PHP applications into Node JS.

When they saw that the result was a high performing and 10x faster web applications, they came up with an innovative idea of building an open source solution using this technology for eCommerce development. The dedicated teams of developers behind this solution provide regular updates and support to make it as lucrative.

For Store's front end, Spurt Commerce uses Angular JS . Angular JS can give the Store front a beautiful look, feel and appearance. The technology makes it easy for your Customers to search products and easily navigateto them with easy to use filter options. The solution also supports integration of PayPal payment gateway.

For Store's back end Spurt Commerce uses Node JS on Loop Back framework, thus offering an easy to use Admin panel through which, the site manager can add unlimited pages, product categories and products with images and manage site content.

The solution is highly suitable for both single vendor as well as multi-vendor eCommerce platforms. The solution comes with complete source code and it can be easily customized. It can be used by the developers to fasten their eCommerce development process.

The team behind Spurt Commerce is constantly working on making the solution more enhanced and better. They are aiming at making it one of the top-notch Node JS eCommerce solutions of all times.

The solution comes in affordable packages from a range of options. To start with, the basic version is free that comes with minimum features. One can pay and purchase standard version that comes with all the required features to build a more advanced eCommerce application. The team is also providing customization services for business ideas that are unique in nature.

They are also providing initial set up and installation assistance and are ready to offer technical help and support through email. For more information about Spurt Commerce, you may visit www.spurtcommerce.com and watch a demo on the features in Spurt Commerce at http://spurtcommerce.com/nodejs-shoppingcart-ecommerce-demo

Gen Store


Gen Store is one of the Node JS eCommerce platforms, which works awesomely as a solution to meet all of standard eCommerce website requirements.

It is simple to use and the best choice for any eCommerce business, which caters to local markets as well as international markets. ShopyGen's vendor marketplace eases the complete development process. It can act as the best model for developing websites that are similar to Amazon and eBay and mainly because it is built with the most modern technology that supports multiple monetization channels easily.

Gen Store is built with the latest 'MEAN stack' with the best features for a multi-vendor marketplace. It also includes a Facebook messenger bot that helps in quick growth of the eCommerce business. It comes with a powerful admin panel that can help easy management of store, products, categories, orders, customers, etc. It also comes with a unique seller dashboard and lets sellers keep track of their overall business performance in the eCommerce website.

Genstore is built with a responsive design on HOOK model. In addition to all these, the solution also has a dispute management system to handle disputes between sellers and customers. It offers other features like multi-revenue channels, subscriptions, banner ads and prime delivery options. It also has features like seller subscription and commission tracking.

Another amazing feature in Gen Store is the Gentrack, a marketplace for selling services, MobiGen, for mobile commerce, GenCart, for online grocery shopping and delivery. Popular brands like Fabque and TaskMarket have partnered with ShopyGen.

The above-mentioned features have made ShopyGen a one-stop eCommerce solution that can support every eCommerce business, B2B, B2C, C2C, mobile commerce and multi-vendor eCommerce.

It also supports multi-languages and multi-currencies. It is integrated with Mail Chip and a robust SEO module and helps you in re-branding your store the way you want.

Other features of ShopyGen includes dropshipping integration, third-party API integration and custom ecommerce mobile apps etc.

Node JS ecommerce is an API driven and thus ShopyGen has taken this advantage to integrate it with Google maps, for easily targeting local audiences, thus giving you an advantage over your competitors.

Prime Fusion 


Prime Fusion is another awesome Node JS eCommerce solution. This Node JS eCommerce platform has been developed using MEAN Stack and it is also combined with a splendid framework. The entire solution is developed in such a way that the developers, can make best use of it to fit in properly to any eCommerce requirement.

It can be purchased by any Full Stack developer and it can be customized in a few minutes, as it meets every coding standard. 

Prime Fusion comes with all of the best eCommerce features, making it a best fit for both multi-vendor and single vendor eCommerce applications. It also supports integrations with Payment Gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc. Other features include exclusive dashboards for every seller, Super admin panel to have complete control over the site settings and configurations, an in-built template in Angular JS for an awesome front end look, feel and appearance, shipping management, etc.

Prime Fusion lies under the umbrella of an API layer, making it an absolute fit for front-end templates and themes to be developed using JS frameworks like Angular JS and React JS, etc. The solution comes with Mongo DB database, Node JS on the server side, API and Angular JS on the front end, making it an awesome solution having developed combining cutting-edge technologies.

It is also integrated with add-on components to make it SEO friendly. Another good thing about this is that anyone can download it and start using it right away.

Reaction Commerce 


Reaction Commerce is another popular open source Node JS eCommerce solution having entirely built on Meteor Framework. Thus, eCommerce development using this solution would certainly require a developer, who is well versed in Meteor JS Framework. This solution comes with an excellent set of features for running a full-fledged online store. The solution is responsive and it can be integrated with all the essentials for an eCommerce website like the PayPal payment gateway, Stripe Payment gateway, Analytics, and so on.



The next Node JS ecommerce solution and API for creating eCommerce web applications is Schema.io. The solution is built with several modern coding technologies, providing developers an ease for developing top-class eCommerce web applications. It is not a free solution. However, there is a free plan. You may check out for the available offers on the official website.

It comes with the following features:

Extensive API: Schema provides robust and extendable API along with credible tools for developing world-class ecommerce web applications.

Custom Admin: It comes with Admin pages that can be easily customized. In addition to this, it comes with another feature and that is to automate everything.

Device Agnostic: Schema.io can be used for developing both web and mobile sites and thus it is extendable to every platform and every mobile operating system.

Advanced Integration: Schema also supports integration with third-party content and programming frameworks. Therefore, you may confidently use your favorite tools within the system.

API Centric: This Node JS eCommerce platform provides you with the flexibility of extending to every part of your eCommerce project with the help of a robust API.

High Performance: Upload any number of products without affecting the load time.

Advanced Customization: The solution can be completely customized as per your need and requirement. 

Conclusion: Although every eCommerce solution listed above have been developed with absolute care, keeping in mind the best standards of eCommerce industry, it is important for you to go through the in-built features of each one of them, watch the demo of the features if available on their respective websites and then make the best choice.