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Top 10 marketing & promotion ideas for small businesses

Promotion and advertising can be a hefty task, especially for new businesses that want to make themselves known in their market. A small business, however, most often has a very limited advertising or marketing budget.

Top 10 marketing & promotion ideas for small businesses

Friday June 16, 2017,

6 min Read

Promotion and advertising can be a hefty task, especially for new businesses that want to make themselves known in their market. A small business, however, most often has a very limited advertising or marketing budget. For this purpose and at the very beginning, we are constantly looking for techniques of "Low Cost" promotions.

I will refocus on traditional marketing this time instead of Web Marketing, giving you examples of activities that are usually rather "physical", and keep in mind that these ideas are applicable even if you have a website.

Sometimes, just a little creativity.

There can be many ways to get there, specific to your market. Some examples…

The owner of a home cleaning service wanted to try to attract customers. He could not afford to do a lot of publicity, so he started offering cleaning seminars to associations. After two months of seminars, he was flooded with requests for information and customers.

Promotion and marketing often make a crucial difference between successful and unsuccessful businesses. Customers want to trust a business or a product line before they have a good reason to buy.

Some Low-Cost Marketing and Promotion Techniques

If your budget is tight, or if you are unsure of being able to bear the cost of a campaign over a given period of time, here is an assortment of low-cost marketing techniques that you can try. Not all will be appropriate for your project or your market, and it would be expensive and counterproductive to try them all. But draw some of these ideas to develop your sales.


People like to receive "free" articles, especially articles that they can use to acquire knowledge or improve their lives. You can base a whole promotional campaign on this urge. If you run a mattress business, for example, you could give a brochure or guides that talk about this activity, which explains how to choose a quality piece of mattresses, and so on. Once you start giving information to your clients, these will begin to see you as an expert in your field.


Do you want to talk about your business in local newspapers? This can be easier than you think. If you do not have news to announce to the media, create it from scratch. Maybe you are selling a range of unusual products. Or maybe you've launched a new product. Or you've received an award, an award, an interview, a buzz. Local newspapers are often interested in news of this kind and can help you attract the attention of thousands of people. Cause an event, and send out a press release.

The events:

You may be able to attract the attention of the media or a crowd by organizing a promotional event. If you have a gym, for example, you could stage instructor days. If you're promoting a new real estate business, you can offer tours of a house witness in the area. If you are in the sale of products for children and it is spring, you can organize a snack with an Easter bunny. Do you grasp the idea? (And take advantage of it to send a press release!)


Everyone loves special events, it is the opportunity to forget the rest to celebrate. Why not celebrate your business anniversary, or a special party by organizing a special meeting or specials? On the day of the cat, if you have a blog about animals for example ... If you run a service business, maybe you can organize an open house or organize a small banquet, for example on your birthday. In addition to refreshments, make sure that the venue is well decorated, and that your brand is well represented, that's fine ... (And again, with the release that goes well)


First, find a contest theme and a prize that matches what your customers expect of you. A caterer could arrange a food contest. A photographer can make a young model contest. A craft company could do a craft contest on the theme of America. Invite people to enter the contest and announce the prizes offered. Afraid not to attract attention? All you need is a few panels, one or two announcements in the press, a communiqué, and the message will be dispersed in the community. Do not forget to invite a few "Guests" to give value to your event.

Reduction coupons:

A discount coupon strongly influences a prospect who wants to buy a product you sell, at home rather than at a competitor. Distribute them in local newspapers, on the shops, door-to-door, the public library, Laundromats, in short, in all places where people gather. And even more importantly, to your existing customer database.

Promotional items:

You can easily and inexpensively produce badges, car stickers, office objects, and other fancy items in the image of your brand to distribute to your prospects. You can print the name of your business and given names of customers on most of these products at lower cost and distribute them for free. Products that will serve or be preserved: Pens, rulers, pins...

Celebrity visits:

With a little perseverance and a lot of negotiation, you may be able to arrange for a local celebrity, public official, or even a fictional cartoon character or clown to visit your service. Celebrity can shoot a video for you, take a picture, and so on.

Mailing lists:

Take care to set up a process, to save the names, emails, and addresses of your customers when you order. There is nothing more economical than recontacting your existing customers. Even if it's not promotion, do not hesitate to offer value: A gift, a "Happy Birthday", etc.

Greeting Cards:

Do you send greeting cards to your customers? An email, or a video? Holidays, birthdays, and various other events are good opportunities to send cards. Greeting cards help a lot to stay in touch with your customers and maintain a good relationship.

The seminars:

In this age of information, people like to receive advice, especially about their personal needs and their leisure. If you sell health food or give fitness classes, maybe you can offer seminars to companies in your area. If you are an interior decorator, maybe you can offer home decorating workshops for groups of ten people. If you have a printing company, maybe you can offer tours and training in your factory.

Think about the products, services, and events you can offer to the community based on your project and develop a creative promotional strategy around them