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Know the SEO trends to follow for better ranking in 2017

Know the SEO trends to follow for better ranking in 2017

Monday April 03, 2017,

3 min Read

(2017 SEO Trends to Follow for better ranking)

(2017 SEO Trends to Follow for better ranking)

It is a dynamic market for everything and all out there. Every day there are these volatile changes that impact everybody and everything, including the SEO industry. Their algorithms change every month thus keeping the website designing company on the edge of the unknown.

This year too, like the previous year, SEO will gain more importance than before because business bloggers and sites are realizing the benefits of better rankings and more traffic. The one trend that will always follow is that the SEO will be needed, should be kept in mind right from the designing stage and that better SEO rankings demand better and improved unique content, regularly.

Here are the 2017 trends to look forward to:

1. Rich answer optimization: 

Nowadays what Google has started is displaying a rich answer, one rich in content and explaining the query of the consumer or rather solving it in a span of few seconds, by presenting it in a different box before the list of results and websites. To get your answer qualified as a rich answer, you will need to rank yourself for the query and use bold words or command words, the ones that target queries and keep them simple and short. Also, search for SEO expert agency that can guide you on other ways to get into the rich answer box.

2. User involvement: 

This includes the average time a user stays on your site. The traffic that you generate is measured or categorized here, that is, how much of it was bounced traffic, how many were genuinely interested readers, how long do they stay on your site, whether they read more pages and so on. Since there are no particular yardsticks to see whether user involvement or interaction improve your SEO rankings, but it definitely pays off; this is a much-anticipated trend for 2017.

3. The guidelines by Google: 

The most awaited improvement of the year was the guidelines by Google. The new guidelines are all set to improve the quality standards of money-related pages, especially shopping transaction pages. Also, Google emphasizes on better rankings to websites where the source or reference is an expert or an authorized institution, with good credibility. The guidelines, however, will continue to change with changing times and people, but for now, 2017 will follow these guidelines released.

4. Optimization of the mobile application: 

With more people having access to cellphones rather than desktop screens, it is now a well-established fact that Google and other search engines would rank the sites better if their loading speed and time on a mobile device are fast. Chances of retention of users are more when you site opens easily. There is now a whole market in rush of reaching maximum customers through their mobile devices.

5. The others among things: 

What sites can also target is the Related Queries or Alternative answers boxes on the Google page. A site can gain popularity even if it cannot answer the query asked but provide related answers so as to give the users an idea of the whole as well.