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8 practical tips to fly smoothly

A trip is always exciting through all the places you know, the culture, the food, etc., but when it comes to a long trip up the plane for more than 8 hours.

8 practical tips to fly smoothly

Monday July 22, 2019,

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8 practical tips to fly smoothly

A trip is always exciting through all the places you know, the culture, the food, etc., but when it comes to a long trip up the plane for more than 8 hours, it turns out to be a bit tiring and tedious; however, with these practical tips, from the beginning you are going to enjoy this new adventure to the fullest.

1. Without papers there is no trip

When planning a trip to another country is very important to check whether in addition to the passport, you need some type of visa or special permission to enter, as in the case of Mexicans who need a Visa to enter the U.S... Being there is important to carry a passport, because it will be our official identification.

2. Time is money

In order not to save us time when arriving at the airport, you can check in online at least 24 hours before the flight, so when you arrive at the airport if you have luggage of 23 kg, you only have to check it.

Note: on some airlines such as Air France you can print your own luggage strips on machines near the airline counter at the airport. All you need is your booking code and passport.

3. Baggage

It is important to know the permitted weight depending on the airline. For long trips the common allowed in the airlines is 23 kg documented and 10 kg above. For the same reason it is important to pack the essentials, especially on trips to cold places because cold clothing usually weighs more.

Note: For cold places the "must" for packing are a good windbreaker jacket and waterproof shoes.

4. Choosing a good seat

Since it is a long flight, the ideal is to go as comfortable as possible. In some airlines you can choose the seat at the time of buying the flight and in others a few days before the flight. If you want to stretch your legs, I recommend the seats at the emergency exits; if you need to get up and walk a little, the ideal is to sit next to the corridor, or if you prefer to go looking at the panorama then choose next to the window.

5. Comfort in the air

Who said you can't travel comfortably in economy class? This can be achieved by carrying a small pillow, a blanket, a mask and earplugs, so you will forget for a while the long hours of flight and make the journey pleasant.

6. How to dress?

The best is comfortable, either with good pants or baggy trousers and a good sweatshirt or jacket, as it usually happens that the flight is turned on air conditioning. On the footwear, the best thing is something comfortable like tennis as our feet tend to swell on long flights.

7. Entertainment on board

Currently most airlines and especially on long flights, each seat already has a screen for you to enjoy movies, music, concerts, etc.. But in case you are unlucky enough not to have a screen, or if no movie catches your attention, a few days before you plan to buy it online like iTunes for Apple or Playstore for Android, your favorite movie or series.

Note: Some airlines offer in-flight Wi-Fi: they offer different packages according to your needs.

8. The famous Jet lag

This is a temporary maladjustment of body functions after a long flight. What to do to prevent or minimize its effects? If your flight is at night, it will be easier to sleep during the flight and when you arrive at your destination have the battery recharged to start your journey. As I mentioned in one of the previous points, your best allies to sleep are your pillow, a mask, a blanket and earplugs.

H2O: Water is the best ally to avoid Jet lag but don't fool yourself by drinking juices, soft drinks, coffee or alcohol. The water will keep you hydrated and you will be 100% when you arrive at your destination.

On the move: It is important from time to time during the flight to walk a little down the aisle so that blood circulates and our legs and feet do not swell.

Temperature and light: According to studies, the biological clock is driven by heat and light, so before going to sleep make sure that the light is well adjusted and that the temperature is around 20 º C, if you go to a cold country, warm up well to sleep.

Note: jet lag can vary from person to person but with these tips you can help prevent or lessen its effect.

Now yes, with all these tips you will not have excuses for not enjoying your trip to the fullest.

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