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Tips: How to do SEO for HVAC Contractors?

Read this article and know how to do SEO for HVAC contractors and small businesses

Tips: How to do SEO for HVAC Contractors?

Friday November 03, 2017,

4 min Read

Why SEO is required for HVAC Contractors?


Marketing is required for the growth of every business. People use different types of marketing methods to promote their business such as door to door marketing, online marketing and print media advertising. Door to door marketing is expensive and not effective these days. Print media is very effective but very expensive as well. Small business owners cannot afford it. For the small business owners online marketing (SEO) is the best suitable method because it is effective and pocket friendly as well.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process by which someone’s web page, website and blog etc. can be at first page of Google. It helps to generate organic traffic on the website.

HVAC belongs to small business. The owner of HVAC business cannot afford high cost for the marketing. SEO will be the best suitable option for HVAC contractors because it is very effective and economic as well.

How to do SEO for HVAC contractors?

As mentioned above, HVAC belongs to small business category and business can be generated locally for this industry. Local SEO optimization will be the best SEO strategy for this type of industry. Here is step by step guide for SEO for HVAC contractors:

1- Selection of Right Keywords: The first and very important task is selection of right keywords for this industry. For this industry long tail keywords can be finding. At the end of keywords you can put “near me” such as HVAC Contractors near me. Be sure, there should be some monthly searches for every targeted keyword so that website can get some relevant traffic. Keywords should not be highly competitive. To check monthly search for any keyword you can use This is the tool from Google.

2- URL Mapping: after selection of right keywords it is very important to target them on right pages of the website. The structure of the URL should be good. For example: it is the bad structure of the URL. There should not be underscore or hash in the URL. Google provide them less value. The right example for good structure is:

3- Meta Tags Optimization: Meta tags help Google to understand that what all about is page. What keywords have been targeted on the page? Proper Meta tags optimization helps website to achieve good rank results on Google for the targeted keywords.

4- Content Optimization: Content should be fresh and unique on every page of the website. Targeted keywords should be mentioned in the content. 1.5 to 2% keywords density is good for optimized website.

5- H1 Tag Optimization: Headings are very useful for SEO. It tells readers what they will get in content. It should be interesting so that readers go down to read your content.

6- Breadcrumb and Navigation: Breadcrumb Helps Google and readers to how to reach to targeted page. Every targeted page should be on the header menu of the website.

7- Sitemap Update: sitemap.xml and local sitemap needs to be updated. Sitemap helps to Google to index the pages of the website.

8- Schema Markup: Schema Markup is very important for this type of industry. It helps to Google to understand the content of the website.

9- Setup of Google My Business: To setup Google my business pages follow this link and apply for verified business. Within 12 days you will receive postcard from Google and then you can verify your business.

10- Blogging: Regular blogging is very important to get good results on Google. Need to update blogs on website regularly. It is also important to distribute your content on third party blogs to get first page Google results. It can provide referral traffic to the website.

11- Sharing Content across Social Media Networks: Sharing blogs and content across social media helps in branding and online reputation.

12- Listing on Business Directories: It is very important to submit business in business listing websites such as Yellowpages. These websites helps in generating business. Also it very important to update these listings regularly.

It is not an easy task to do. Hiring an SEO agency will be the best option. An SEO person knows how to follow these steps to get good results. SEO Companies have experience and they know to get good results. After outsourcing SEO business owner can focus on the other parts of business such as orders, deliveries and client management etc.