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How to build your Twitter following

Getting there, one follower at a time :)

How to build your Twitter following

Tuesday May 10, 2016,

2 min Read

A few days ago, one of my friends asked me for some tips on building Twitter following. I shared some quick pointers with him which I thought of sharing here. Please note that this is not a growth hack and I don't have hundreds of thousands of followers myself. So if you're still in your early days of Twitter with only a few hundred followers and have the patience to take the organic route, you may find the following suggestions helpful. Owing to its genuine nature, you might already know them all. 

Also, the growth depends on your current follower count. So, organically your one tweet will fetch you more followers when you've 3000 followers than when you've 300. And when your follower count stagnates or reduces, don't get disappointed, because world is much more beyond Twitter :)


So, here're a few things to practice to build your following organically :

1. Tweet consistently. ~10 tweets a day is fine.

2. RTs should be limited to only 25-30% of your total tweets.

3. Tweet information, news and content. You can't be tweeting opinion/complaints all the time.

4. Use hashtags wisely. This isn't Instagram. See the trends sometimes and tweet with those #s.

5. Consider changing your handle to something more genuine, unless you're planning to make it a parody account.

6. Automate tweets from some of your favourite sites (like YourStory). Here's twitter's guidelines for the same.

7. Tweet images and video. Share interesting/funny information as well. 

8. Have conversations with tweeps, genuine ones. It's community and sense of community comes by discussions.

As mentioned before, these aren't growth hacking tips. So, if you've some of them, please write a post on this platform now!