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10 upcoming business ideas in India

For business registration, it is necessary that the person should have at least minimum capital, idea and man force.

10 upcoming business ideas in India

Friday March 30, 2018,

3 min Read

Business Registration(Company Registration),  Source: PEXELS

Business Registration(Company Registration),  Source: PEXELS

As India is growing rapidly so there is ample scope for growth of any business, just the business should be innovative. A lot of people who wants to start the business has to suffer from the lack of idea that which business should they start with. For business registration, it is necessary that the person should have at least minimum capital, idea and man force.

Here is the list of some business idea that will be most profitable in 2018:

1. Fast Food Restaurant: This is one of the most growing business in India. You don’t require much capital to start this business, a restaurant can be run even in a small space. As food is the basic need of a man regardless of the situation, so this business can be run in a long run.

2. School and Office supplies: As this products are always in demand so the businessman need not worry about the sales. Products like stationery items are constantly in demand.

3. Property Management: To run the business of property management it requires a lot of skills in marketing and sales. As nowadays people are mostly investing in properties so it is a good business opportunity. For running this business you must have a good networking.

4. Wedding Planning Business: In India, the wedding ceremony is done on a grand scale. As nowadays people are so business in other things that they do not have time for managing or planning these ceremonies, there it comes the role of wedding planners. However, this kind of business requires a lot of creativity, strong networking and trustworthy suppliers and vendors.

5. Real Estate Consultant: If you have good knowledge of the area and the properties where you are residing then you have the option to be a real estate consultant. For this, you can charge a consultancy fee from your clients who has just finalized the deal.

6. Pre-recruitment assessment business: As all companies whether big or small always want to hire best employees for their business but they do not have the time for recruiting the same. For this, the business may consult this agency to select employees for their business as per their requirement. For providing this services these business charges a fee or commission.

7. Online Ads Service Business: This business is suitable for those who have contact with the owner of the website. As they can help them in getting appropriate space which will help in promoting their business as well as focus on their target customers. To start this business you should have excellent knowledge of networking and media planning.

8. Phone-Based Business Consultancy Service: This is the most comfortable business to start with as in this business you can work from home also. To start the business of consultancy, networking is an integral part of it. For this business, you can charge fees from your clients for the service provided by you.

9. Insurance Agency: To start this business with you should have good persuasive skills. This is the business that you can do in your spare time which will definitely bring cash with no stress.

10. Freelance Writing Business: If you are having a good writing skill then you can opt for this business. On the basis of your convenience, you can decide to write for a magazine, newspaper or websites. You can tackle a number of jobs as a freelance writer.