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Why progress is essential for growth

Tuesday June 28, 2016,

2 min Read

Progress literally means to move forward. It is always a positive movement and is the one which will take any society to greater heights. But for progress , society must take critical and risky decisions which may prove to be fruitful or might end in vain. This thought often results in people taking obsolete decisions out of fear.

Let’s take a company for instance. Assume it has been using the same principles for years together with the same levels of profit without any advancement or growth. This is definitively not a sign of progress . The company must work in order to achieve more and more in the forthcoming years and should not be stuck to the same place for years as there is no progress when you stand in the same spot from the beginning of the game.

The obstacles for progress occur majorly due to fear and the comfort people experience in their current state. If not now when! How will you know what is going to happen if you haven’t tried even once? As we all know, what’s life without risk. It is not that it’s gonna be a failure all the time, and failures are the stepping-stones to success which is synonymous to progress.

In this highly competent world progress is the key to survival. To be on the safer side people tend to make decisions which are out of fashion and they believe that that is enough to keep them in a safe position. But that ideology is not correct when there is no growth, it is easier for other persons to run over your back and push you down without any difficulty. It can be understood that a lack of progress will result in the gradual decline of success. It must also be noted that progress is not a one time act, it is a repetitive process and must always be the foremost goal of any society for it to achieve the greatest peaks.