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5 profitable small business ideas in India with low investment

5 profitable small business ideas in India with low investment

Thursday March 01, 2018,

4 min Read

Internet, Technology, and Networking collectively offered a land of opportunities for startups to begin their dream journey and evolve as a leader in their niche. Now India has become one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and being a hub for IT and business startups it offers various investment opportunities to goal-oriented people with low budget.


Every successful business has begun or begins with the ideas that are in demand, easy to start and can be profitable. Most of the passionate young Indians are always curious to know the profitable business ideas they can start with very less or no money.

Always remember that investment is never a blockade if you have a great idea and are passionate to take your business to the next level.

Even WhatsApp was made by people who were rejected by Facebook. Without any doubt, you can win the world with the million dollar ideas even if you have a low investment budget.

Want to start a new business but don’t have enough money? With the beginning of a new era for entrepreneurs and startups, you can start a successful business of your own. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the profitable small business ideas in India with low investment.

1- Make money as a social media consultant

Social media is a business in itself. With the growth in social media users in India, and online shopping trend the demand of social media consultant will always be in a rise. If you are a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter lover then doesn’t waste more time work as a freelancer or full-time professional. Take professional courses from various platforms including Google and Twitter and be a certified business professional with very little or no money. Different social media management tools are also available in the market to make your task easy and efficient.

2- Craft your creativity as a website developer

In this digital era, every business needs a website to boost sales. If you have the programming and coding skills then you can initially start a small business by creating websites on platforms like WordPress. As a professional website developer make sure to stay updated with the latest web development technologies that ensure positive results for the business.

In order to enhance your web-building skills, you can take help from the codecademy.com or www.w3schools.com  to learn the language of website creation for free. Thereafter, you will be able to incorporate personalized product pages, services pages, shopping carts, feedback forms, blogs, and galleries.

3- Turn your photography passion into a business

If you are passionate and good at clicking pictures, you can become a professional photographer. Generate a steady source of income for this vast business. People need a photographer on various occasions like concerts, weddings, receptions, music/book launches, seminars, exhibitions and many more individual and business occasions. You can even sign up with some photography organization or can work as a freelance photographer. You can also start your own business to deploy photographers when demanded in various occasions. It requires a little investment only in making your own portfolio and for the photography gadgets.

4- Earn with online tutorials

Internet technology has made it possible to connect the talent with the people at their doorstep. Now professionals and artists can share their knowledge, skills, and talent by using various online tutorial websites and YouTube. Let's say you have the skills of Photoshop then you can submit your videos on various websites for Photoshop tutorials where most of the learners can land to know the tips and tricks.

In this way, you can earn and make people learn how to develop pictures using Photoshop. Moreover, teaching constantly on a specific topic will enhance your knowledge and make you an expert in that particular field. With the rise in followers, shares, and subscriptions ultimately you will build a strong reputation in the market with increased earnings.

5- Create better business with web content writing

If you have that thought creativity along with the grammar and literature skills then you can do very well in the field of web content writing. Every business needs content for their websites as well as for the promotional purposes. They are always in search of the best talent that can write high-quality content. Content writing is an art, now it’s the high time to make it a habit. You can join any organization or can work as a freelance content writer. Both are good options, the choice is yours. To work as a freelance web content writer sign up on various portals such as Freelancer.com or Upwork.com and get hired by multiple companies, brands, and bloggers.

Hope you get inspired while going through this article, Initiate with the one that suits your skills and knowledge and start generating income with a low budget.