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The Basics Of LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn marketing is basically use for the promotion and branding of any business with the help of making connections.

Monday March 27, 2017,

3 min Read

As a B2B marketer, you need to know that having a LinkedIn profile is critical to your online marketing success.

You may have a profile page already set up with your image, abilities, and work experience... but you're asking, "Now what?"

If you're trying to figure out how to make you work that is LinkedIn as far as producing leads and seeing a real ROI, here are three basic tips on how to successfully market yourself on the #1 network for business professionals.

LinkedIn Marketing : Go on a connect spree. Search the names of everyone you personally know in the B2B industry, plus ones that you do not know. In regards to connecting with brand new people, what I personally do is pick the friend option when it asks, How do you know this person? I will then leave a little note that says, "Hey _________ (fill in the blank), I am in the B2B industry and I'd love to join your network. - Lauren Francis" Sometimes I'll reword it, depending on who I am trying to connect with, but it's constantly something short and sweet. The key is to give off a warm welcome that is personal rather than submitting that generic message that LinkedIn automatically supplies in the note box. More than likely, your fellow professionals will not have any problem accepting your link requests. After they have to take, it is better to send a quick direct message thanking them for the connection, which is among the best ways to begin the ever-important relationship building process.

Keep your news feed active. LinkedIn has a news feed, similar to Twitter's, where you can send company updates and post various forms of content. Have a new blog post, video, infographic, or white paper to share? Your updates will show up with updates from your connections on your profile page, as well as on the LinkedIn homepage. Strive to share content on a routine basis. Unpredictable and inconsistent upgrades may give off the impression that you're not committed to making your LinkedIn existence, which hurts your perception that is branding. Additionally, spend a little time sharing content from those in your network, commenting, and liking. It is the give and takes rule of social media. Stay focused on pushing your own content out, but also lend a friendly voice or word of support to somebody else's.

LinkedIn Marketing : Join lots of groups in your speciality. Where the magic happens LinkedIn groups can be. They're generally filled with thousands, if not tens of thousands, of other B2B professionals who come together to share expert knowledge, ask questions, give advice, and conduct industry surveys. The most popular B2B groups are filled to the brim with daily discussions for you as a marketer to chime in on. This really is how you really can create the branding effects you want on LinkedIn. By consistently posting well-written articles and asking thought-provoking questions, you can rise as an authoritative voice and go-to expert, thereby helping to make the brand of your company among the top echelon in the B2B world.

With that perceived value, you turn it into sales funnel back to your core website and can take your LinkedIn marketing efforts. Your branding and turn into more site traffic and networking should create leads. And from that point, just effective web copy can do the job of turning that prospect into a buyer. Be sure that your LinkedIn strategy is sound enough to find that process all the way through.

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