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A young girl in the world of big guns

Wednesday July 20, 2016,

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Just when my parents had given up hope on my career graph, I had realised I was simply walking on the path. I had no plan/goal in life.

While for many, 23 is a ripe age to mould your career, go places in your professional life and take every step carefully. I was reprimanded by my elders for being moody, an extrovert with boys, not taking my career seriously and carrying my heart on my sleeve. Dam you, it was my life. I wondered why did they have to poke their nose every time?

I quit my job for the third time in less than a year. One in London, the other in Dubai and finally the last stint in my city - Mumbai. I announced, I was never going to work and it just wasn't meant for me. A month later, my younger brother coaxed me for an interview at a Real Estate Firm. Real Estate, me?! I knew it would never happen. He came to drop me for the interview worried, I will slip for a brunch with my friends. Dressed in ripped denims and a crop top, I was there finally. Phew. I was quite impressed by the office I must say ( Pun intended ) ! After the interview, I was cock sure I wasn't going to get this one. Although god had other plans in the next two hours, I was called again for an interview. This time in formals to meet the CEO of the firm. Was it my pretty face that got me the second round, I wondered?

And as the cliche goes, the rest remains history. I completed 9 months in this firm yesterday. I received my first confirmation letter at 6 months, along with an increment letter, an incentive structure ( which was never a part of their commitment ) and and and ... The first one in 3 decades to get an increment in the first 6 months. Also, did I mention I am the youngest employee among 200 odd employees managing a team of 10 super awesome peeps. 

I am the Marketing Manager in a world of big guns. Who says, ''Dreams don't come true?"