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How to crack engineering entrance exams

This article will help students of India who wants to crack engineering entrance exams. Below have written various techniques and strategy to clear the entrance exams of engineering.

How to crack engineering entrance exams

Tuesday July 03, 2018,

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As per the top engineering colleges in Punjab, we have often observed that since school days, we have always been instructed to study and regarding its schedule. That is, we have been told what to study and when to study, but nobody actually taught us “how to study”. 


Botheration and consideration of the teachers and parents were always around the studying material, but no one really cared to make us understand how can we effectively learn and remember the concepts of a lifetime. Such kind of teaching never really encountered our school time.

The problem which arises because of this is that you may be aware of the concepts but hardly know any quick method to apply the same. As a result, you may have been the topper of your class but ends up as a loser in the highly demanding engineering entrance exams such as JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT and even lose out from the best institute in Punjab. 

However, in order to pull you out of the crowd and put you in top engineering colleges, we have listed few simple to use techniques which can greatly help to cross all hurdles of the engineering entrance exams with an ease and make you pass out with flying colors if followed sincerely. These are shown below:

Follow Ivan Pavlov’s philosophy

A very famous Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov says that “You can rewire your brain or mind”. It means that you can truly control how your mind functions and serves you. As per his philosophy, if you pursue or settle out a habit of studying the same subject at exactly the same time including the same place every day, your mind will crave for the same and learning and training become associated with each other. 

This results in a fact that you will start studying the subject hardly within 5-10 minutes irrespective of whether you like the subject or not. Undoubtedly, this technique greatly helps in preparing for toughest engineering entrance exams and will let you land in top engineering colleges.

Create a balance between school and home timetable - It is always advised to study and revise as soon as you learn. Yes, you should set sync between your school time and home time. This will provide you enough time to go through the same concepts which you have learned in the school. 

As soon as you reach your home, study, revise and prepare the notes. Students who prepare and brush up the facts regularly, they tend to win at last surely. So, whenever you get time in the class, use it effectively.

Don’t study for long hours - As per psychologists, students can learn more in shorter sessions instead of long strenuous hours. We are very well aware of the fact that human mind can focus on a single thing up to 40 minutes at the max. 

Therefore, the duration of the lectures in schools and colleges are of the same time. One must follow the same approach at home. Take breaks in between and try to concentrate fully when you study for shorter sessions.

Do not study when you don’t feel it - Majority of us can relate to the fact that we often feel sleepy and lazy while studying if we don’t feel any interest in what we are studying. Moreover, studying just after your meal can make you slouch. 

Whenever you are in such state, prefer not to study. Instead try some active tasks such as cleaning up your room, your desk, setting your books and Almira, playing indoor games and so on. If required, you can even go for a 15-minute nap to recharge your body for further study.

Act Smart not hard - Students who are very passionate about clearing the engineering entrance exams and getting into top engineering colleges and in best institute in Punjab are advised one thing that act smartly. Don’t be a foolish worker and keep on doing irrelevant study. 

It is important to study in a focused manner, instead of long hours. So, always stay away from the distractions such as TV noise, shouting people and negative peers. One tip which can make you deal with tough subjects is that study them when you are fully alert and active. You can keep the rest of them for luxury time. Moreover, don’t schedule the similar subjects in a row.

Dr. Walter Pauk OK4R technique  

Dr. Walter Pauk has suggested students study in a systematic and powerful way which is further divided into steps:

• O stands for Overview: Just take an overview with the help of its headings, subheadings, titles, and index.

• K stands for Key ideas: Skim the chapter thoroughly with the help of its bold sections, italic lines, and underlined areas

• R1 stands for Reading: Since you are aware of the overview and ideas of the chapter. Now, go for a full reading scheme.

• R2 stands for Recall: Now being aware of the whole chapter, close down the book and prepare your own notes. It will make you remember the concept deeply

• R3 stands for Reflect: Once you are done with recalling the facts of the chapter. Now, keep this is your mind permanently by relating what you have jotted down with the actual figures and concepts.

• R4 stands for Review or Revision: Usually, students follow up revision on weekends by taking tests, quizzes and questions, so that you realize that you have really learned the concept and understood its application.

Rejuvenate with small breaks 

Relax during your hectic study timetable by taking small breaks in between. Rejuvenate yourself by watching a TV series, a movie, listening to songs or even playing some sport. It will keep you focused and happy. 

In addition to this, always plan your study time. If you like to study early morning, prefer to sleep early and get up fresh in the morning. In case, if you like to study when everyone else is sleeping in the night, go for it with your comfort and ease. 

Always make a mark regarding the syllabus you are about to cover in a defined period of time. So, make sure to plan things in advance with quick, short and long revisions.

Break the social zone - While studying, please don’t think about people and their expectations from you as a person. If you are focused towards your goal and your life, one day you will mark your presence in your own way. So, it is better not to worry now. 

Always keep social media interaction away from your mind while studying. So, the best thing to do is to switch off your mobile phone while studying. You can always check out your phone in between the breaks. But, keep it away from your area while studying and fully concentrate on it. 

One more thing which you should ask yourself is what are you really putting the effort required to crack these engineering entrance exams. Make sure to spend at least 6-7 focused hours of study every day. This will help you evaluate yourself better.

Don’t stress out during the competition- Ultimately, your efforts will pay you in the manner you have performed your job. So, don’t stress out yourself in the competitive entrance exams of engineering thinking about top b tech colleges in India

In the end, whatever you have done, just go through your notes and revise quickly and effectively. This will provide you the confidence as well as the boost to face the exam with enthusiasm and strength. Don’t think about anything and especially regarding results while giving exam and even before going for it. Give your best shot and cherish the smart work you have done throughout the year. 

Tips To Crack Engineering Entrance Exams

Tips To Crack Engineering Entrance Exams

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