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Read this to give your SNAP preparations a solid boost!

MBA entrance exam is a defining step to achieve one’s leadership aspirations and building a spectacular career for oneself.

Read this to give your SNAP preparations a solid boost!

Thursday October 12, 2017,

3 min Read

Are you getting ready to pursue an MBA from Symbiosis but feeling unsure where to start? Let us take you through the complete process for becoming a part of any of the MBA courses offered by Symbiosis! Read on ahead to know more!

The process for SNAP registration:

SNAP is a pan-India entrance test for applying to Symbiosis’ Masters in Business Management courses. As a result, this MBA entrance exam  is a defining step to achieve one’s leadership aspirations and building a spectacular career for oneself.

Once the SNAP registration process is complete, the candidate is required to register for the institute offering their preferred masters programme. The main test is a multiple choice test specifically meant for the aspirants of MBA/MSc (CA)/MSc (SS) programmes offered by the SIU. With the test going online this year, taking the test from a test city of one’s choice becomes quite easy.

One of the key motivations behind this year’s test is to enable a large number of students to easily participate in the test without having them travel too far to find a test city of their choice. Keeping that in mind, the SNAP test for 2017 will be held across a total of 102 cities all across India.

SNAP test key-subjects:

Actually giving the Symbiosis National Aptitude Test for MBA forms the next step of the students’ work once the exam registration process for SNAP is done with. As you might be knowing by now, this exam essentially consists of four modules. Here are their details:

i. General English Test

This test measures your linguistic skills and abilities to communicate effectively. This is intended to be an in-depth verification of your vocabulary and English grammar usage abilities.

ii. Quantitative, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency Test

This specific test gauges your abilities to appropriately do quantitative analysis research. It effectively verifies your abilities to understand data intricacies while accurately assessing your data interpretation techniques.

iii. Current Affairs Test

The core objective of this test is to get a thorough understanding of your knowledge of current affairs. The test also intends to determine as to how well you know your history, politics and geography.

iv. Analytical and Logical Reasoning Test

Your logical thinking skills as well as your abilities to correctly identify problems and thoroughly analyze them are examined here.

Correct answers in the test get full-marks while incorrect answers get a 25% negative marking on the score. The test lasts for a total of 120 minutes in all. It would thus be held between 14:00 and 16:00 hours on the 17th of December, 2017.

We hope that we have effectively provided you with a deeper understanding and knowledge of the SNAP 2017 test. We wish you great success in your life ahead!