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Steps to take when you realize that your car insurance has expired

Friday July 14, 2017,

4 min Read

Car insurance is mandatory as per law and it is, therefore, illegal to drive your vehicle without a valid car insurance policy. However, often policyholders forget the renewal date. In such a case, your car insurance policy would lapse as it was not renewed on time before the expiration date. The greatest pitfall of an expired car insurance policy is that you would be losing out completely on all the NCB (No Claim Bonus) that you had earned so far.

It is pretty risky to drive a vehicle without proper auto insurance as that is sure to culminate in financial losses. Moreover, you would have to pay heavy penalties for flouting the rules. You must, therefore, always keep track of your car insurance policy expiration date and make sure that your policy is always updated on time. Here are a few important measures to take when you are left with a lapsed car insurance policy.

Get In Touch Immediately With Your Car Insurance Agent

As soon as, you have realized that your car insurance policy has lapsed, you must get in touch with your agent without losing any more time. An insurance agent would be having a sound knowledge and expertise in such matters. He may be successful in reinstating your car policy or even making sure that you do not need to pay any penalties.

You must not wait and waste any more time as you would find it difficult to identify an insurance company that would be keen to get your car insured, particularly, if it is an old car. To make things worse, you may require paying much higher auto insurance premiums because of this unnecessary delay.

Do Not Drive Till Your Car Insurance Policy Is Renewed

It is best to stay away from driving an uninsured vehicle because you would be unnecessarily exposing yourself to a risk. If you meet with an accident, you are sure to encounter heavy fines, the driving record would be impacted negatively, and you could even face a lawsuit if the other party so desires. In extreme situations, you may have to go through jail time. This would not only result in a hike in your auto insurance premium but also the fact that you would find it rather difficult to get coverage in future.

Decide on the Car Insurance Policy

As it is regarded as illegal to drive around without a proper car insurance policy, you may consider getting your policy renewed online as the renewal process could easily be completed within just a few hours. You may choose a new car insurance plan if you so desire. So what are you waiting for? Do ample research and a comparative evaluation before choosing the car insurance policy that is perfect for your requirements. Always choose any car insurance UAE after proper research and thorough assessment.

Get Ready with All the Relevant Documents

Once you have determined the exact car insurance policy, you may get in touch with your car insurance agent and ask him what documents need to be furnished. Keep your Registration Certificate and previous car insurance policy ready. Be ready to provide some information relating to your car such as the RTO’s address, first registration date, the vehicle’s model number, and company name.

Get a Vehicle Survey Done After Scheduling an Appointment

As your car insurance has lapsed a representative of the insurance company would be coming for assessing your car’s pre-existing damages, if any. Then depending on his appraisal, you would be eligible for auto insurance. Schedule an appointment with the surveyor at the earliest to avoid any increase in costs and any further delay.


You must buy the car insurance policy within 24 hours after the surveyor inspection has been done because the inspection loses its validity after 24 hours. It would be hassle-free and time-saving if you purchase the policy online.vvvv

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