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Animal testing pros to weigh your decision

Controversy has arisen from time immemorial concerning animal testing.

There has been a call for animal testing facts and figures in the recent past. Millions of animal rights activists and animal lovers are crying over the overwhelming numbers of animals suffering death and pain each single year in scientific research laboratories. However, facts about animal testing also show that there are many benefits of animal testing.

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One aspect in animal testing pros is the safety of drugs and cosmetics we use. Most cosmetic firms and drug dealers prefer to test animals so that they reduce claims from customers of suffering after the use of these products. It is therefore better for the drugs to be tested because if they are injurious then they could even be fatal rather than recuperative to humans.

It doesn’t matter the side you are on, definitely you or your close family members have enjoyed animal testing. These are some of the diseases that have been managed due to animal testing safety results:

Cancer- millions of people have successfully received treatment for breast cancer in its early stages, child leukemia, lung cancer and chronic myeloid leukemia among others. Early tests for safety and improvement of the syrups have resulted in saving of thousands of lives of children who could have been left to die had there been no safe drug to be administered to them.

Diabetes- 6.3 percent of Americans—18.2m people, have diabetes. Cats and dogs also suffer diabetes. Tests carried out on diabetes types 1 and 2 have not only led to combating of the infection in its early stages but also led to discovery of new treatments for kidney disease, blindness, stroke and heart disease.

Epilepsy- tests on birds and other animals have led to new medicines and improved surgical techniques that have helped the 2.7m Americans who suffer seizure disorders.

Spinal Cord Injuries- statistics show that the increased research in the past five years with the use of animal models has led to great discoveries in treating spinal cord injuries. Further research may also lead to treatment of numerous neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and others.

Other animal testing pros have also been widely noticed in HIV/AIDS tests leading to the discovery of ARVs, heart diseases, new combative discoveries for hepatitis C which kills about 27,000 Americans annually, treatment of birth defects through animal tests for folic acid and surfactant therapy, other bioterrorism medical countermeasures, cystic fibrosis and others.

It shouldn’t surprise you that the first successful blood transfusion experiment was conducted in a dog in 1666. Perfection of the same test in the 20th century has led to saving of millions of lives of people who need blood yearly. Tests on animals have also led to discoveries of drugs useful in treating tuberculosis, meningitis and asthma. Penicillin and kidney transplants also owe their success to animal testing.

Note that scientists insist on testing animals because they have some considerable similarities to human beings. Just imagine a doctor testing a drug on you when you are seriously sick and need treatment? However, there are still limitations in these assumptions because animals are not the match of human beings.