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IoT changes the way we use our cars

IoT changes the way we use our cars

Thursday February 01, 2018,

3 min Read

One of the smartest decisions that a company could make today is to invest in the Internet of Things, and a lot of them actually do. But in recent years, there is one particular industry that really took interest in IoT: the automotive industry. The way we use cars today is significantly different from the old way. Technology is taking over every aspect of our lives and our cars are no exception. Here are a few of the aspects that IoT changed and will continue to change about the way we use our cars:

Self Driving Car<br>

Self Driving Car

Navigation Systems

Back in the day people used to rely on built-in GPS systems, that are now almost replaced by Google Maps and other navigation tools. This is definitely the best alternative for those people who don’t have a built-in navigation system on their cars. Great news is that everyone today uses a smartphone that can support a navigation app.

Integrated Apps

The integration of apps in today’s cars is something common that we all got used to already. A big number of people already use apps like GasBuddy, which allows you to find the cheapest place for fuel in your area. Of course, there are also apps like Spotify that now replace the satellite radio or the traditional CD player. There are also newer apps that are just starting to get popular among drivers, like Ready2Wash. This is an application built on the WolkAbout IoT platform, that allows you to wash your car using virtual tokens.

Self-driving Cars

A self-driving car is definitely the next step after the invention of autonomous cars, which have systems implemented that are able to take over for the driver under certain circumstances. It’s amazing to think about being able to do anything you want inside of your car while you get to work or while traveling. This vehicle is able to avoid obstacles, obey road signs and it also uses a digital map that is constantly updating.


It is believed that by 2020, the world’s streets will be filled with more than 250 million IoT-connected, self driving cars that will make accidents a rarity. There will be no more traffic jams and the IoT solutions will have a great impact on the environment. The stress level of people in general will be much lower, given the fact that they won’t have to worry about running errands or driving kids to school, for example. This technology will for sure cut down on fuel costs, a fact that will make your bank account really happy. A big problem will be resolved when locations of available parking spots will be seen in real time through an app that we all will be able to use. Imagine not having to worry about parking spots!

IoT is continuously improving the quality of our lives and there are still a lot of amazing new technologies coming our way. Sure, it will take a fair number of years for us to adapt to all the changes that will come with the new IoT solutions in the automotive industry, but at the end of the day, their main purpose is to change our lives for the better.

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