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How to Decode Your Target Audience to Create Great Content

Understanding the target audience is important and for a writer, it is essential. In this article, you would find the various ways to decode the target audience.

Thursday October 20, 2016,

4 min Read

If you are a web content writer, ever thought for whom are you writing? Why are you writing a specific content? Is it to impress your better half? You said it right! It is the target audience that makes all the difference for a piece of content to connect. Take for example; if you are writing about designing software, how do you shape up the content? It all depends on whom are you writing for.

More businesses are shifting gears when it comes to marketing through content. As a result, they look to hire web content writing experts for best results. However, it is important for a writer to understand the target group of people in a very specific manner that the concerned business is catering to.

Who are the target audience? They can be:

• A couple in their thirties, living in a rented house, with no children.

• A single working women in her late thirties

• A mother of two children, who works from home

• A single male in his early twenties, sharing an apartment with friends.

• An elderly couple, retired with fixed retirement incomes.

• A college student, with very less pocket money

So, which one does your business cater to? There are many and there can be countless sets of target audiences for a business. And every business needs to carry out proper target audience research in order to connect.

For a content writer, here are few tips to create content in sync with the target audience:

Words: If you hire web content writing experts, you would notice that they can play with words. A good writer should always use words that the target audience is familiar with. This practice would enable the readers to connect with the write up and eventually make them believe in it.

Style: Different people have distinctive ways of thinking. It is imperative to adopt an appropriate style of writing as per the age group of the audience. For instance, if a business is catering to retired couples, the web content should be formal and a proper flow, maintaining complete soberness.

Want: Understanding the needs and wants of the people for whom the content is being composed for, is significant. Before writing a piece, the writer has to know what are the things that the audience already has and what might be the ‘wants’ that they will be interested in. Businesses these days find blog post writers, who can beautifully compose a blog and subtly create the ‘want’ among the target audience.

Social: Tracking the target group through various social media platforms and to understand their behavior online can be highly beneficial. One can find many online forums and groups on social media platforms with which a business can associate

Survey: People’s thinking keep on changing and so does their preferences. Therefore, it is important to update information of the target audience from time to time. This can be done through surveys. Besides carrying out physical surveys, one can also adopt online surveys to understand varying tastes and preferences of the target audience.

When one decides to hire web content writing experts, there are many details of the business that the writer has to be informed. Be it the USPs of the product or services or strategies adopted by the competitors, or the demographics of the target audience for that matter. As a note of suggestion, one can guide a content writer to keep key questions that they need to keep in mind, while writing content for the company:

• How can the company’s product or services solve anybody’s problems?

• Who all can be the customers of the business?

• Who is my competitor?

• What kind of customers does my competitor have?

• Why should people choose your company over others?

The internet revolution has boosted the prospects of a business to grow and online content is one of the key ways that a business can flourish. For instance, the relevance of blogs have increased so much that enterprises, individuals, among others relentlessly look to find blog post writers to come up with interesting and informative content that eventually benefit the business in a bog way. Needless to say, online freelancing sites have been a blessing in disguise for several employers looking for quality content writers.