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Breaking into the cluttered space of fashion e-commerce

Breaking into the cluttered space of fashion e-commerce

Wednesday June 06, 2018,

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Commerce has been in the picture since the early days of human existence but e-commerce of the present day has set the pace for new innovations and developments that make it easy for even the dwellers of Tier-II and Tier-III cities to access fashionable clothes and other trendy stuff. 


The online platforms i.e., the virtual stores online present a chance to not just shop at the comfort of one’s home but also make it possible to experiment with the newest fashion trends that hit the high street every day.

In fact, as per the statistics for the coming years, the worldwide revenue in the e-commerce clothing segment is expected to grow from $317 Billion in 2018 to $475 Billion in 2022 (Shopify.com). This clearly shows that the fashion e-commerce sector is expected to grow on a massive scale as there is a lot of potential for the ambitious brands to stretch their wings and put their unique message across in a way that is not just appealing but meaningful as well. 

Today, the aim of most of the online stores has become to make fashion something natural and an everyday need rather an item of luxury.

Though it is true that the world of e-commerce is expanding in a fast manner, there are many glitches when it comes to the fashion clothing segment. Space is cluttered with no well-defined segmentation of the types of products that are available especially for women and it sometimes gets tedious for the brands to launch their range while making a connection with the right audience. 

The point to ponder is that even if the brands have classic products to sell, it gets difficult for them to attract the right traffic and convert the window shoppers to paying customers.

Further, most of the times, the online fashion stores fail to appeal the different sections of the society as they fall short on the customisation factor. In such a scenario, in order to taste success soon, it is pivotal for the brands to establish a platform that caters well to all the customised needs of the potential buyers who visit the website or the virtual online fashion store.

Thus, brands such as Life Means New Options (LMNO) continuously work towards breaking the cluttered space of fashion e-commerce by aiming to bridge the gap between international fashion trends and customer aspirations and presenting clothing options for women that are not just reliable but up to the mark in terms of both quality and comfort. 

The brand aims to reach every last mile around the world through an online store at the same time give the comfort of in-store experience. Through this unique initiative, LMNO has made fashion accessible to even Tier-II and Tier-III markets of the country.

Future prospects

Overall, the future of online fashion stores is very bright but they must have a proper strategy in place to cater to the diversified needs of the fashion shoppers hailing from completely different worlds. It is necessary for both the emerging as well as the well-established brands to hit this untapped vast space of fashion e-commerce with a great degree of imagination, research, implementation and a result-oriented approach.