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5 ways a kickass day!

How to live your life each day by completing all the work on time and yet having a life to enjoy.

Saturday June 04, 2016,

3 min Read

I have always metaphorically been referred to as an 'Owl' as I stay up all night. Nights are the most productive time of my whole day. Ever since I am able to recall, I don't have nights, but morning to sleep. It feels as if my brain remains suspended in a limbo throughout the day, and only post dusk does it start functioning normally. This has been my student-life motto. And maybe that's where most of your hostel-life relates too! :P

Blogging has lately, got me into lots of reading, after completing a yet another productive book, I conducted an experiment on the success mantra recommended from all, since times unknown. 'Being up at 6 am'. Something that felt like only few moments of shut eye.

The initial days were more than miserable, I have been to work with sleepy-eyes, swollen enough to be noticed. Alarm ran at 6, even though my sleep pattern remained nothing before 2 am. Days went unproductive initially. It was a huge transformation for my system. Only Determination and the Desire for much more from my day kept me going. Within a month's time I had successfully tuned my body and my schedule.

Opening the windows to the twilight hues of the dawning sun and the cool breeze. A perfectly calm start to a kick-ass day. Often I sit up in the garden skimming through the news, drafting the day's to-do list, designing tactics for a better work-ideas. Before the traffic sounds, I am done with small chores which weren't practical earlier. The morning time is when I stay completely aloof from all connections; it is my 'me-time'.

Reading biographies, success stories and struggles has always been my passion. There is a typical pattern I have noticed with the successful ones, so I read about some more of them and some more. I drew some common conventions which almost all pursued, apart from stirring themselves to early mornings.

Exercising Energieses you and makes you flexible for the upcoming day.

Making your bedLeads to better productivity throughout the day.

Healthy breakfastFuels your body to the demands of the day.

Catching up with newsIt is important to know what's happening in the world around you.

Prioritizing your dayEstablish your objectives for the day and work accordingly to achieve it.

In a summary. A well spent day is a well managed day. A bounteous day. Make sure each day of your life is worth to be reviewed in the future!!

'early you rise the more you shine' 

-Shivani Shankar.