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Tips for Hiring the Right SEO Company for your Startup

Numerous myths have been sprouting about SEO within the few years. One of the most prominent myths is that SEO is dead. It is a bitter deceit. Even, many firms have believed this fantasy and the firm owners put a halt on their link building activities

Tips for Hiring the Right SEO Company for your Startup

Thursday March 09, 2017,

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Numerous myths have been sprouting about SEO within the few years. One of the most prominent myths is that SEO is dead. It is a bitter deceit. Even, many firms have believed this fantasy and the firm owners put a halt on their link building activities. But, the situation is contradicted to this aspect. SEO is alive and still proving to be very lucrative for the digital firms. Even, with the phenomenal transformations in the ambiance, SEO has become the basic or fundamental requisite to subsist in this hard-hitting world. If you have a website offering specific products and services, then SEO is the element to be taken into account considerably. Search engine optimization is the imperative technique that assists you in getting your company noticed on the web.

Hiring the SEO consultant or an esteemed SEO firm for your agency is the commendable verdict to make your firm endorsed on the internet. A new company has set up daily with the different products and services, and if it exists, then surely, it needs SEO to get advertised in the market. As the number of the companies has increased, the SEO providers are also equivalently raised. Search engine companies provide a range of services like they can organize copy, design pages, buy links, etc. for your website.

Nevertheless, with the continual transformations in the SEO algorithms, understanding the concept and parameters of SEO has become very difficult. So, it is the minded decision to hire the reliable and prestige SEO agency. The process of selecting the right SEO firm has also included so many parameters like among various SEO companies, which one provides reliable and fruitful SEO services. Whom to be trusted! etc.

Some points to be considered while comparing SEO firms:

Quality content and blogs:

Analyze the vendor’s website content, its quality, essence and relevancy to the specific website and its pages. The content should be compelling and engaging enough to drag the audience towards the website within a split of second.

Review the company’s blog to ensure that the web owners are up-to-date with the latest algorithms and changes in the field of SEO aka search engine optimization. The blogs are the very significant way to check about the website’s latest acquaintance.

Company’s Testimonials:

The company’s testimonials are the best way to check about the company’s previous clients. The ratings and reviews are proved to be lucrative in determining the firm’s status in the market. The client’s opinions are very important in the procedure of comparing the companies for SEO service.

If a customer will approach to the website, then he first checks the company’s details and then testimonial section to determine the firm’s reputation and work. These two factors will decide if the customer intends to use your services or not.

• About Us:

Verify their About Us page, as it explains who they are and lists their domain experience. “About Us” page clearly defines the information about the website and its products and services. Scrutinize that page very carefully and cautiously as it is the second important parameter after the home page of your firm. Check the content with your eagle eyes wide open.

• Trust and Credibility:

Look for the certifications from the Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing and verify whether or not they are the members of the industry organizations like SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization). Trust and reliability are the two components that matter a lot between the client and the organization. Check if they are worth to be dependent or not. May be, their certifications are fake or even the entire firm is pseudo. Therefore, it is your chore to analyze this element thoroughly.

• Big promises:

The shady SEOs are always busy in making promises like we make your website rank no.1 on the search engine result page, etc. They are the big spammers who are responsible for the decline of your company’s position. The best agency makes you clear about the goals and discuss the way to reach that objective. The quick fixes and the shortcuts are not worth the gamble because it is just the matter of time until the search engines’ algorithms will change.

• Pricing:

Though, hourly and monthly rates are very common in the prevailing ambiance, yet still, 75% of the SEO agencies prefer fixed-project pricing. Fixed-project pricing is lucrative in terms of professional scenario and it will not amaze the clients with the surprise fees. Choosing the company offering the fixed-project pricing is more advantageous to you rather than the companies which don’t offer this schema.

• Other Trade secrets:

How often do you report on progress? This is the fundamental and imperative question must ask to the SEO provider agency or consultant. And, if they are right and honest, then there should really be nothing to hide. This is one of the important trade secrets that a client should comprehend while comparing different SEO companies.

• Use SEO Page Compare Tool:

You can also use the tools to compare SEO pages:

1. On-page analysis tool

2. Metadata tool

3. Tool to check Headings

4. Keyword Density tool

5. Link Structure tool

6. Page text tool

7. Source code tool

To find the trustworthy and honest SEO firm is a daunting task, but not impossible to accomplish. Today, many SEO firms provide the SEO services in the market. It’s your chore to discover the one with the profuse experience in this field and which is performing their duties and responsibilities very well. Ask some questions in details and hire the appropriate firm for the promotion of your brand.