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Why you should never be an entrepreneur

An interview with a famous Lady Entrepreneur who is challenging global giants with their quality and service.

Why you should never be an entrepreneur

Saturday April 22, 2017,

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Sonika Rawat is the co-founder of SysInfoTools Softwares, a renowned firm known for its ultra-edge data recovery, email management and database & backup tools.



Before meeting her, I was very nervous. As I had a talk with her over the phone and she seemed very straight forward and gave me a brief idea about her organization.

Just a two minutes talk and I had an idea about the person, I am going to meet for my next interview:

A punctual lady

Straight forward


and practical

I was really not sure about the questions, I am going to ask her. But here I am in Dehradun (the capital of Uttarakhand) to interview a lady who is known for her practical entrepreneurship skills.

As per discussion, I was on time as I didn't want to pissed her off. And as soon as i reach her place, she was ready to meet me with a gorgeous smile.

I never felt that I am meeting her for the first time.

We had a cup of tea, some snacks and that is how our discussion began.

What's your thoughts about Entrepreneurship?


SR: I have two quotes which I would like to share.

"Challenging yourself is good but sometimes it might be an experience which you don't want to encounter"


"The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side Of The Fence"

Is Entrepreneurship Good or Bad?

SR: Now a days, everyone is looking to join or start a new venture and doesn't like to work for an organization or firm. Everyone is ready to take risks without even understanding their strength and weakness.

But do remember, before diving into a lake you should checkout it's depth first. And always keep in mind, every sport has its pro's and con's.

What you think are the key hurdles or challenges that Indian Start-ups are facing?

SR: If I analyze the current startup ecosystem and compare it with 2006 or 2008, I am very happy to see the developments and the growth it has shown. But, still there are lot of things that need to be changed.

One of them is Social acceptance: Yes, we need to understand that everyone is not the same. Some of us likes to work as an employee and some likes to create new things. Our parents and society needs to accept this. Its all about giving them support and time. Because that is what we all need.

Second one is Intent: Getting into entrepreneurship just for money is not a great way to go forward. And most of us fall to this prey.

Entrepreneurship is creating products or services or ideas which help someone to get rid of their problems. If you can help someone with your product, money will automatically flow. But if your main focus is money then you would loose your product. And that is what you need to focus on. Your product.

Third one is Ease Of Doing Business: It is very hard to get a simple registration in India. You have to either stand in long ques or have to pay bribe, Yes, recent government has done some work but we need to work more to create Indian sharks.

So how it all started? 

SR: One fine morning, when I was working on my system. And it crashed. All my data was lost. Being an engineer, I tried various techniques but nothing helped. Soon, I was ready to pay for some third party tool to recover those important files.

Till date, we have a mass of people who still think, European or American softwares are far better than the Indian ones. And trust me that's not true. I was not happy with their products and service. I knew there were lot of loop holes in them.

And there's the light bulb moment struck my mind, to create a range of tools which are not only good in quality but can also give others a run for their money. And that is how SysInfoTools Software came to existence

So much time it took, to see money coming in?


SR: For first two years, we were only doing R&D. Checking out the market, the consumers, their demand and the type of issues they were facing (2008-2010). In the year 2010, we finally launched it. We didn't see much friction in the first year but as soon as our products started reaching our consumers, we have seen a lot a word of mouth marketing, which helped out a lot. Hence, we never have to think of paid marketing.

For us money was never a factor, I knew from first day that if I can create something which helps my consumers, money would automatically start to flow.

 Any suggestions for your fans and readers?

SR: In this competitive world, no one stands a chance if their product is no different. So 

• Always try to learn new things, 

• Check what your customer wants, 

• Validate your product, 

• And always be ready for a change.

So, this was her story.


Started in the year 2010, when Indian companies were nowhere in the global market in software sector. They studied it and created some amazing tools and software for their consumers. From the first day their main priority was to provide their customers with the best quality and service. Not to mention they took a lot of time in refining their tools to make it perfect.

But after 07 years, right now they are known name in software segment. They provide top end tools and has helped in simplifying life's of various users and IT admins.

Their consumer based has reached to almost every country or nation. Not to mention they dis this without any advertisements. 

I guess, she was right. It is the idea where you need to work on and not the money.

Hope you like it. 

If you have any question or need any clarification or any other tips. 

I would be happy to help you out.

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